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Daily Pics #19.

Good morning on this last day of November!  Hard to believe, only 1 more month to go and this year is done and a new year begins.  Muffin doesn’t really care one way or the other.  She is quite content to curl up with…

Daily Pics #9.

Hi everyone on this cooler November day!  Still cloudy up here in the north country.  Getting to be a normal thing it seems.  Oh well, it’s one of those things we can’t change. So why not enjoy it?  So I look at sunny pictures. …

Daily Pics #8.

Good morning everyone!  So nice to see you all again today!  Another dull cloudy day here, and cool, but not real cold though.  But the sun still shines above those clouds.  And it shines here at Steve’s Country as well.  Why let a few…

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