Coffee With Steve…At Tim’s.

Hello everyone!  Well, here we are once again with another coffee time.  It’s been a while since it has just been too cold to have our usual coffee time’s outside.  So today we will be at my favorite coffee shop, Tim Horton’s.  Though people around here just usually call it Tim’s.  They have great coffee, from regular to iced.  Plus they have good tea, herbal tea and hot chocolate.  Plus various juices to choose from.  And…donuts of all kinds, cookies, muffins and a full range of food choices for meals too.  My favorite is the Canadian maple donut.  They are soooooo good!  Filled with maple cream, topped with maple.  Fantastic.  Except I can’t eat it anymore.  Because of this crazy diet I need to be on now.  Sigh.IMG_6145

Took me a few tries to get pics without many people so you can see the coffee shop better.  And around here people often don’t like getting their picture taken by strangers. And they don’t come much stranger than me!  Oh well.  They have nice friendly staff working here too which always makes any place brighter.  They even have complimentary newspapers for people to read.  Hard to believe they even make those things anymore.  I mean, why?  Oh well.20191004_082700

But it’s a nice place to sit and chat when the weather is not good.  And that’s the way it will be for the next few months.  Over the next few weeks I will be giving your a tour of our town and decided to start right here.  Plus this coffee shop is close to where I live, which is also nice.  But I will be showing some of the sights around town so you can see what it’s like around here, both summer and winter.  A little different than showing the nature side of things all the time.

They even have a section with nice padded chairs, great for sitting and chatting.

I was sitting thinking the other day.  Yes, I do think.  Not often though.  Gives me a headache.  Anyway, back to thinking…now what was it?  Oh right, winter.  I was thinking about winter.  Which is easy to do this time of year.  Mostly I try to forget it.  But I thought, there are good points about winter that we shouldn’t forget.  So I thought about it.  There must be some good points, I said to myself.  Just couldn’t think of any.  But there must be.  After all, people live up here where winter occupies half the year.  There must be reasons for that.

This shows most of the inside, but there’s more to the left.

To be quite honest, I just can’t figure why people would want to live here.  I mean, there are people who move here from warm parts of the world.  Why?  Leave a nice warm climate and move to one of the coldest places on earth?  That makes sense?  Maybe it’s just me.  Like I said, I’m strange.  I mean, going outside when the temp is -40 and the wind is blowing so that any exposed skin can freeze in less than 30 seconds, just doesn’t sound like fun to me.  Oh well.

A rainy autumn day just prior to winter hitting.

Yes, kind of different today.  Happens.  But I’ll do better next time.  Happy Monday to everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

50 Comments on “Coffee With Steve…At Tim’s.

    • They used to have a strawberry muffin with a strawberry filling, it was so good, no longer have it though. But it’s a nice place for coffee still! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your evening!😁😸⛄🌲

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  1. I’m going to disagree about the coffee. I like MCDs coffee a lot better than Tim’s Coffee! Nick’s favorite donut is the Canadian Maple too. I like the honey crueler (tractor wheels I used to call them).

    I’ve worked at 3 different Tim Hortons in my lifetime. At the last place I worked at in Saskatchewan, there was a guy who would always show up (summer, winter didn’t matter what time of year) and he would make friends with everyone he crossed paths with. People started joining him for coffee, quite literally. There would be 3+ people at his table at any given time, and they became regulars too.

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    • Steve, I hate to inform you that the Canadian Maple isn’t actually filled with maple cream. It’s the same vanilla cream they use in the Boston Cream donuts. 🤭

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      • What?😲 They changed?😳 It used to be maple flavored, not vanilla, I’ve had the Boston cream, not the same. But I haven’t had the Canadian maple for several years now. So sad.😕😥

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      • Yeah, it’s the same now. 😒 I remember when they used to have maple filling too, until they changed it. Now it’s the same filling as the Boston Cream filling. We had to know what the donuts were and how they prepared them.

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      • Anything to cut costs I guess. *Sigh* Even MCDs is getting pricy these days. They raised their prices AGAIN. Honestly I don’t go to these places unless there’s a promotion happening.

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      • McDonald’s used to be such a cheap place to eat, now it isn’t much better than a regular restaurant. Good for kids though. I don’t eat out much like I used to.
        Have a great day Hilary!😃😺⛄🌲☕

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      • I know right? MCDs used to be reasonably priced but it’s gotten expensive recently. Honestly I hardly eat out anymore either. Have a good night, Steve! 😴🌙

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    • Guess everyone has their own favorite for coffee, me coffee is coffee unless it’s bitter then I don’t like it. Generally that means just being too strong, takes the fun out of drinking coffee.
      I don’t think I would like to work anywhere food is made, I would be overweight too quickly! Especially at a donut place. They did get rid of my all time favorites though, muffins, strawberry and caramel, those were soooooooooooo good. Ate them all the time. Can’t eat anything at Tim’s now, or anywhere else like that. Oh well.
      Sorry, can’t beat their coffee.😂😂😹😹🙄Thanks for reading Hilary!!

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      • My favorite muffin is still Chocolate Chip from Tim Hortons but I rarely eat them now, after learning that their muffins have more calories than their donuts! ☹️ I’m not surprised though – their muffins taste like cake! I used to get a muffin AND an Iced Capp in the summer when I was younger. I guess we can’t have our “cake” and eat it too. *sigh*

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      • That’s true, their muffins do taste like cake, which makes them soooooo good. Bring on the calories, I don’t care! Sorry, but I burn them so fast I don’t need to worry about gaining weight. But now I can’t eat any of them. 😭

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      • You’re incredibly lucky that you don’t gain weight and have a fast metabolism. All it takes is one bite for me to gain weight. I can’t eat them either since my diet is really healthy now compared to what it used to be, and I plan to keep it that way. 🌺

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      • Healthy is the best way to go. I try, but not much success sometimes with that. It can take me months to gain a pound, but I can lose 5 in a week without hardly trying.😳😜🙄

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  2. My favourite coffee is definitely Tim’s…still nobody made coffee like my swedish grandmother did…Tim’s is the closest to it…

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  3. Canadian maple donut 🍩 filled with maple cream and topped with more maple…ok, now I want some! 😋😋😋😋
    Thank you Steve for taking us around!
    I guess winter has its purpose too ❄️🌬⛄️
    I don’t like the cold but I do like the snow ❄️

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    • Yes, they are so good, but I just heard they have changed it now to just plain vanilla filling, with maple topping. Because of this weird diet I’m on I can’t have donuts anymore so didn’t know about the change. Probably still good though.😃😃
      I wouldn’t mind snow if we didn’t get the cold weather with it.😂❄
      Thanks for reading Ribana!😁😸⛄🌲☕

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  4. Tim Houston is awesome Steve, did you just said thinking, oh there must have been the noises, see, u got headache.😜 Thats why i don’t think too.😁 Good question in the end🙄🤔 why do people skip the warm climate and get stuck in the coldest place on earth🤷 doesnt make sense right, it wont☺️😜 Enjoyed the tour of Tims Houston… 🤗✨ Have a beautiful day… Oh today is … Happy Mens Day Steve🤗🤗🤗

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    • Thanks so much for reading Simon!😃 It’s a nice place and who knows, they might make it over your way some day.😀☕ Happy Men’s Day Simon! I didn’t even know about it.😲😳 Nobody never doesn’t not tell me these things!😳😒🤨 I need a better calendar.😀😀🙄 Guess you’re probably in bed already anyway, so I’m late again.😂😂😹😹


      • Good morning Simon! Wow, up already! It was a good day for sure, less pain today! I’m still up for a while yet although Muffin is already sleeping!😂😂🙄😼😳

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      • Thanks Steve, I wake up early 99% and 1 % i dont on weekends😜 Great Steve, Take care and dont take much time admiring Muffins beauty while she sleeps😉 u need to sleep too😉🤗

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