Daily Pics #11.

Hi everybody!  How are you this morning?  It’s a bit on the cold side here again, but warming up today and the weekend looks great, nice and mild.  Our snow should start to melt once again.  We might even get to see the sun today.  That would be nice indeed.  But even if we don’t see the sun for a long time, we need to keep smiling and remember that the sun will return.  In the mean time, more sunny pictures await us today.IMG_5242

To start our day, we have a nice bright red hollyhock.IMG_4833

Followed by a blue and lavender delphinium.  The other day we had a blue and white delphinium.  There is one more color to show another day.

Oh, Happy Friday to all of you!  Did you think I would forget?  Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

47 Comments on “Daily Pics #11.

  1. It’s gloomy and rainy over here Steve, but I’m doing great. Getting a fresh start with reading you post. The lavender delphinium (the last picture) is enchanting ❤️

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  2. I have never seen a lavender and blue delphinium…exquisite ! The red hollyhock is good for this time of year…nice and bright ! Thanks for sharing !

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  3. Hi Steve, This hollihock must have lot of neighbours and blood relations, see they are in lot of colors and they look identical except the colors, the last one looks so beautiful 😍 Lavender delphinium. u r making me to peep out my brother little garden to see what flowers are those ✨😜😉. Have a beautiful weekend✨🤗✍️

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    • Yes, there are a lot of different colors of the hollyhocks, more than what my landlord has in her garden. I’m glad she has such a large flower garden, gives me a lot of pictures! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend is going great sitting under that palm tree!😃😺😎🌴

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      • Hi Steve, Glad you have a landlord with lot of flowers for you to take pictures. Ah there😼, look at him, teasing me again,🙄 technically the palm tree is flooded and sitting under that, definitely not a good idea, High chances of getting myself cooked well for Thunder 😜 besides who will eat me when im cooked ✍️😂 Have a beautiful weekend Steve✨🤗

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      • Would I tease you? hehehehehehe!!😂😂Well, maybe sometimes.😀🙄Great weekend it will be. I think. Oops, did it again, here comes that headache.🤕😉Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.😃😺🌧🌨⛄🌲

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      • Oh no, you never will😉 It will be a great weekend 🙄 Frog noise 🙄😒 Seriously These vocal training thing with frogs happens all night, and its annoying🤦.. Headache🤔 Seriously, which part of brain am i letting you use 🤔🤷 If its a real pain, go see a doc. Have a wonderful weekend you too Steve🤗🤗

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      • The frogs are just trying to sing you to sleep! I love listening to them, not many in town though. Brain?🤔🙄 Oh, that’s the little thing in my head that bounces around like a ball when I think and gives me a headache.😂😂 I just have too much empty space in my head.🤪🙄 Oh well.😜😂

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      • 😂Frogs, oh i love to hear that, and once someone told me, its a frog date thing and ME was like 🙄😲 frog can date 🤔 ok, time to watch discovery channel😂. Brain 😂 Glad i don’t have such thing to bounce in my head, my mom use to yell i dont have brain, looks like its true😂😜 Be grateful Steve😉 You have at least something to giv you headache😁😜..

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      • Hmm, that’s interesting. My dad used to wonder if I had a brain sometimes.🤔🙄 And all because he was accident prone.😲😬🤕 Not sure what that had to do with my brain.🤔🤪😜🙄

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      • hahaha 😂😂😂 science should explain what things we have in our head 😂😂 Glad Steve Jobs didnt exist to test that, 🤔 wait, is that Steve Rogers, or Stephen Hawking or none of them.. ohh🤔, whatever😉😜 Gud N8 Steve🤗✍️

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