Daily Pics #12.

Good morning on this milder winter Saturday.  Such strange weather we are having, but I do like the milder weather so I won’t complain.  It was so nice to have that sunny day yesterday.  The sun was shining so beautifully into my apartment.  Muffin enjoyed sleeping in her patch of sunshine once again.  I’m sure she has missed that little joy.  And I managed to get a few sunny winter pics today as well.  It was a good day for sure.  We should always take some time to enjoy the little pleasures of each day.  Here are today’s pics for you to enjoy…IMG_5233

A beautiful dark maroon hollyhock with bright sunny center.IMG_4976

And here we have a nice bright white delphinium.  And that concludes the 3 different colors of delphiniums in my landlord’s garden.

I hope you enjoyed today’s selection, have a wonderful weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

45 Comments on “Daily Pics #12.

  1. “I hope you enjoyed today’s selection, have a wonderful weekend everyone and God bless!” 🙂 Of course, we enjoy ! Wonderful weekend for all the wild & lovely family 🙂

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  2. Wonderful Selection Steve😍 Lovely Hollyhock i ever seen, i love this so much than old ones. Oh delphinium reminds me of Jasmine flowers, must be a distant relative it seems,🤔😉nHave a beautiful weekend Start😉🤗✍️

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    • That dark hollyhock is a nice one.😀 It’s hard to really capture it’s true beauty in a picture,📷 they are amazing. Hmm, have never seen Jasmine flowers, will have to look that up.🤔 Enjoy your night!🤪🌙🙄 My weekend is really just starting and yours is half over. hehehehe. Just had to add that in.😂😂🙄

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      • Start looking at Jasmine flowers, they are small and beautiful and the fragrance will not leave you, you will just enjoy it..Such a beautiful fragrance. 😒 hmm my weekend is almost over, or should i say it just begun because i work on saturdays 😁😜 Workaholic🤦😜 And Time Traveller☺️

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      • Sadly, we do 🙄 6 days a week, sometime 7 days 😒 Can’t change the society😂 Now you know why people are going out of my country☺️😜

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      • But coming here is crazy. One lady who works at one of our stores said it’s already too cold for her. And we haven’t even got into our normal cold temps yet!🥶😂😂🙄

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  3. Such beauty ! Deep red and sparkly white go well with each other…I tried growing hollyhocks but they did not bloom…must be the soil…we do have blue delphiniums which are so pretty…will have to look for different colours…flowers do make me smile ! Thanks for posting them !

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    • Hollyhocks do like a very well drained soil. But they often won’t bloom the first year, they will the second year. They come up from seeds each year. They are a real old fashioned country flower.


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