Shh, Please Don’t Disturb Me.

Hello all!  It’s another milder day for us, though not quite so nice as the last few days.  But for us, any mild weather is nice this time of the year.  Of course, mild for us is -2C (28F), which might be cold for some of you.  We once again have a little snow on the ground, though only a couple inches (5cm).  I think this mild weather and lack of snow is what’s keeping birds away from my feeder.  Hopefully that will change when colder weather arrives to our area.  Not that I want cold weather, but it’s inevitable, just slow in coming this year.  We do get years like that.  A nice break from the last 3 winters which were so terribly cold and snowy.IMG_5877Well, it must be time for another break in story to share with you.  This happened just a few years ago at a different apartment than where I presently live.  I was sleeping peacefully one night, but woke up suddenly when I felt outside air blowing through my bedroom.  Odd, I thought.  Must have left a window open.  Then I heard a noise in the kitchen, so decided I better get up and see what my cats were up to.  Maybe helping themselves to a midnight snack.

My favorite squirrel, Chipper, no longer around.

I come out the bedroom door.  It’s dark.  And I’m half asleep still.  But I spot someone in the kitchen.  That woke me up rather quickly!  Hey!, I yelled.  He turned, spotted me and then ran out the door which he had left open.  That’s why I felt the outside air blowing around.  He obviously hadn’t been inside long and didn’t take anything.  I went and closed the doors, which he forgot to do on his way out.  No consideration at all.  Then I looked around for my 2 cats.  I was afraid they may have gone out the door and into the night air.  They were indoor cats and not used to being outside. IMG_5401

But I found them hiding in my bed.  Under the blankets.  Some guard cats you are, I said.  But at least they kept the bed warm for me.  So I guess they did a good job after all.  Plus they didn’t run outside, which was very nice.  That would have worried me.  I couldn’t give any description at all to the police.  After all, it was dark, and I was half asleep.  And a bit shocked.  Oh well, I slept good afterwards anyway with 2 furry heat cats beside me.

Strange things happen to me sometimes.  And this isn’t the end yet.  There’s more coming so stay tuned.  I hope you have a terrific Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Muffin says she would have bitten the guys feet!  I believe it.)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

31 Comments on “Shh, Please Don’t Disturb Me.

  1. Perhaps the person who broke into your old place has followed you to your new place ! Scary thoughts ! It is a comfort to know that we have a Living God Who “neither slumbers nor sleeps”!

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    • I don’t think so. Yes, nice to know God watches over us. But we still need good locks and good sense, we live in an evil world and no one is immune. Thanks for reading today! There’s more to come on this. Hope your day is going well.😁😸⛄🌲


    • Guns aren’t legal here. But I have a couple “persuaders” handy though. Problem is, I would be the one to end up in jail if I used them. Not legal to hurt someone too much if they break in like that. We have odd laws sometimes.

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      • Wow, okay. It’s way different in America. You’re allowed to shoot someone if they’re on your property or in your house without permission, I think as long as your property’s posted. Well, have you considered a really big dog?? 😁

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      • No dogs allowed in my apartment. So Muffin has to fill in as guard cat. She can hide faster than anyone!😂😹Here it would be called using excessive force and a person would be charged at least with manslaughter. Even using my “persuader” would be excessive force if I hurt the person too much. And if I caught the guy and tied him up I would be charged with unlawful confinement. It has happened here. Very odd.

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      • Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. 🇺🇸🇨🇦
        I know!! Make a tape of dogs barking and put it on an automatic sensor. That’ll scare anyone away. 😆😆
        Do you know any karate moves?? 😁

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