Wild Plant Menu #1.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new series here at Steve’s Country!  I am actually reprinting this from an old post so I can add it to this new series and decided to make it the first one.  There will likely just be one post each week for this new series and I hope you will enjoy it.  Please let me know.  So, let’s get started!

It’s time for tea…

Raspberry leaf tea, to be exact.  I like herbal tea.  Almost as much as coffee!  But not quite.  Except after supper, then it’s definitely tea time.  Even afternoon is a great time for tea.  Next to coffee, a hot cup of tea is great on a cold winter day.  And it’s nice and healthy.  Anyway, some of you wanted to know how I make this.  Very simple really.  I like simple.  That way I can actually accomplish it.

First of all…

You need to pick some raspberry leaves.  If you can get wild ones even better, they do have even more flavor.  But any will do.  I pick them off my landlord’s raspberry plants. Yes, I do have permission.  And, you should use scissors to keep it nice a neat and that way you won’t hurt the plants.  Also, don’t take the leaves off just one plant, just take 3 or 4 from each plant, that way it won’t be noticeable or hurt the plant.  Best time to pick will vary a bit, depending on where you live, but generally I think July is best.  The flavor is at it’s peak then.  Make sure the leaves are nice and green and healthy looking.  You can also dry some raspberries to go with it. Dry the same way, but keep them stored in a different container than the leaves.IMG_5487

And next…

Comes the drying part.  Very important.  Put a layer on a baking sheet, not too many, and put in the oven set at 150F, or up to 200F but no higher.  This will dry them slowly enough to retain good flavor.  Check on them about every 10 minutes, ‘fluff’ them up a bit and back in the oven.  Make sure they are dry enough to crumble nicely, they must be DRY.  Let them cool completely.  After that store them in an air tight container, such as glass or metal, they just need a good tight fitting lid, not something loose.  You could also use plastic containers.

I use an old apothecary jar, about 120 years old, for my raspberry leaves.

The best part now is…

Making a cup of tea.  I use a stainless steel tea ball.IMG_9999 Fill half full for a cup, stuff them in good.  Use boiling water.  Not hot.  Boiling.  And pour it in the cup, not on your foot.😲  It hurts when you pour it on your foot.😳  Trust me on that one.😬  Sigh.  I think Muffin will have something to say about that soon.😹🙄

This tea…

Is soothing for an upset stomach.  Also great if you have a cold or sore throat.  You can also add just a little honey with it.

And so…

There you have it, nice and simple.  You don’t even need to live in the country to enjoy this one.  Just find some raspberry plants.🤔🙄

I hope you enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

53 Comments on “Wild Plant Menu #1.

  1. Hi Steve! That was really nice, My favourite drink is TEA😍😍😍 cant deny tat.😜 Wonderful post Steve, Enjoyed it as well! Have a beautiful day✨🤗✍️

    Liked by 2 people

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