Daily Pics #24.

Iceland poppy

Good morning everyone on this somewhat snowy day!  Not supposed to get a lot of snow, but enough to turn things white again anyway.  Out back here where I live it has remained white all the time, but out front, across the street is where autumn returned.  Until now.  Might stay this time if that cold weather hits.  Muffin wants to play so, let’s move on to sunnier things, like today’s pics…IMG_4449

Yes indeed, another beautiful, big, pink peony. Just couldn’t resist this one.IMG_3514

And some nice bright white apple blossoms from my landlord’s tree.  Crab apples are common up this way, real apples, not so much.  But this one is a real apple tree.  My landlord can’t remember the variety however.  They do taste good though.  Just need to ask the bears, they get most of them.

Well, I do hope that you all have a fabulous Thursday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

37 Comments on “Daily Pics #24.

  1. Hi Steve, A very good Morning, Look at these peony flowers, looks like my messy wardrobe😜 time to clean up before christmas😒. I arrange it soo good and look at it now, messy again🙄.Did i mentioned it before this apple blossom remind me of Jasmine flower😍 im addicted to its aroma, a romantic aroma🤫…hmm🥰 Have a beautiful day🤗✍️

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    • Oh, oh, messy wardrobe, that’s bad, need to make room for all the new stuff. I’m the same with my desk, no matter how nicely I clean it up and arrange things so it looks great, a week later it doesn’t look like I did anything!😂😂😹Sometimes I think Muffin must mess it up at night while I’m sleeping.😼🙀Oops, hope she doesn’t read this.🤪😳🙄😾Have a good night!!😁😸🌙

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  2. ☃️ Hi Steve, no matter how hard we arrange, it always ends up messy, just like my hair, wish i could stop combing that, then I don’t want to look like an alien species 😜 Muffin… i have a news for you…🤫😸 just delivered it. I’m so happy now😄 have a beautiful day with Muffin Steve🤗 When is your birthday?🤔 😉 share only if you want to 🤗

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  3. If only flowers grew here during the winter. It’s just snow, snow, and more snow! Thought I was gonna be late for my appointment this morning despite leaving the early. I had a difficult time defrosting the windows, and everyone knows that it’s dangerous driving with frosted windows.

    My mom always made a point about having fresh flowers inside of the house, even during the window. I wish. Timon the cat will omnomnom them. Does Muffin eat flowers?

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    • I grow African violets so I can have flowers around all winter, its very nice. Muffin pays no attention to them. But I grow a pot of grass for Muffin to eat which she absolutely loves and gorges on it every day. It’s actually good for cats to have that available. And probably why she leaves my other plants alone.
      Yep, should never drive with frosted windows. So many people do, I see them with just a small spot on the windshield sometimes to see through. Dangerous, and illegal here.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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      • African violets sound pretty!😍 Do you post photos of them on your blog? What species of grass do you grow? Becca tries to feed indoor plants to the cat, and despite these plants being non-toxic, he gets sick. So we ended up throwing out the plants but kept the plant light. If there’s a grass that he can eat which won’t make him sick, that would make him and Becca really happy.

        I’m definitely one of those people who drives with frosted windows. It’s probably illegal here too. Given the option, I choose not to drive. Didn’t have a choice this morning. 🙄

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      • I never have shown my violets on my blog, I should. I really like African violets, they come in so many different colors and super easy to grow, plus most varieties will bloom nonstop for most of the year. They will rest a bit in summer and sometimes in Dec and early Jan because of little daylight. But if you have a plant light that would help a lot.
        Oat grass is what you want, Walmart sells it, or used to, they don’t here anymore except for the initial grow package. But since I feed birds, I get the wild bird seed which has lots of oats. Takes about a week from planting to have grass 4 inches high and ready for eating. I start a new pot every month, sometimes sooner. It does slow down after a while so new grass is needed. Muffin loves it and it never makes her sick. It shouldn’t make any cat sick actually. Just keep it out of his reach until it’s at least 2 or 3 inches tall (5 to 8 cm).

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      • I don’t see that many indoor pics on your blogs, so it would be neat to see your indoor plants!🌺 Also, since you own a cat, you know which plants are cat friendly! I’m unfamiliar with African violets but I really love flowers of all kinds. And having a variety that’s easy to grow is a bonus. I kill most plants, including virtual ones sadly. I’ve tried growing wheatgrass but I haven’t tried oat grass. The wheatgrass which is really hardy, dried out and died. Now I stick to wheatgrass powder and use it in smoothies. Thanks for the tips Steve! Your pointers would make an excellent blog post if you haven’t made one about growing indoor plants yet. 😀

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      • Hi Hilary, I’m slow responding today, been a rough day. Have never done a post on plants and pets, maybe I should. I did do a series on health benefits of cats, should have added plants onto that. I will add that one to my list, maybe do it this coming week. People bring a lot of different plants in around Christmas and not all are good if there are pets around.
        I need to go to our flower store and see if they have any African violets, or will be getting any soon. I should ask at Safeway too. The only 2 places that sell plants now.
        I’m down to only 4 plants at the moment, 2 African violets and 2 aloe vera. All because of those spider mites. I should have been watching closer, but they don’t normally attack African violets. Lesson learned.
        I’m starting a new series for a while which will be called Coffee at Steve’s, so you will get to see a lot of my indoor space, plus all my junk!😂🙄 I will do that every Monday, not sure if it will start this Monday or next.
        Thanks for stopping by Hilary, enjoy your evening!😀😺☃🎄

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