Autumn Insulator Adventures…#3.

Time to continue with our adventures…

And it is time for lunch.  The activity so far today has given a bit of an appetite, so we climb up the hill, find a couple of rocks to sit on and bring out the food.  Dad takes his food and sits down as far away as possible.  Dad asks for his piece of cake, he had brought the last piece from the cake we had last night.  A big piece.   All right, I said, and handed it to him.  The look on dad’s face.  Remember in part one I had fallen and landed on my backpack?  Which had our lunch.  Which survived without being flattened.  Well, except for dad’s piece of cake.IMG_9069 

Dad just looked at this flattened piece of chocolate cake.  Stared.  Not a word.  Until…what is this?, he asked.  It’s your cake, I said.  That!?  That is my cake?  Just turn the plastic bag inside out and you can lick it off the bag, I said. Dad looked at me.  Then at his cake.  Why is it that it’s always my food that gets flattened, never yours?, he asked.  Maybe it’s because you bring more food than I do, I replied.  Ha, ha, he said.  Did you bring sugar for the coffee?, he asked.  Of course, and handed it to him.IMG_4185 

Dad looked.  This is brown sugar.  That’s what you wanted me to bring, I said.  I said there are 2 containers, don’t bring the wrong sugar, he told me.  No, you said there are 2 containers so bring the brown sugar, I reminded him.  You can’t put brown sugar in coffee, he said.  Then you shouldn’t have told me to bring the brown sugar, I replied.  Dad put his head in his hands.  He used to do that a lot.  Then he took the sugar and poured all of it in the thermos.  There, let’s see how you enjoy drinking that, he said.  That was your thermos of coffee, I said, mine is over here.  Dad just looked.  Then dumped it out. 

Okay, share yours then, he said.  Can’t.  Why not?  I just finished it.  All of it already?  I was thirsty.  Dad sat down and stared.  Since there was no more coffee we decided to continue our hunt for insulators.  The poles ahead were a bit taller than the last hill.  But there was a couple of cross arms laying on the ground.  Hold them like this and I will climb them like a ladder, I suggested.  Dad actually went along with the idea.  He didn’t want me standing on his shoulders again.  Not sure why.  Anyway, it worked good. IMG_6956 Temporarily. 

There was one insulator that was really stuck.  And I twisted hard.  Which twisted me.  Which moved the cross arms.  Which dad was trying to keep steady.  Which didn’t work.  I came down fast.  Which probably wasn’t a good idea.  I ended up kicking dad in the head.  Which knocked his glasses off again.  I landed on dad also, and he gave a groaning ‘ooooooh’, then said rather weakly, my glasses.   He managed to get to his feet and started looking for his glasses in the long grass.  Without stepping on them.  All the time making a weird moaning sound.20191021_100831 Guess I should have mentioned to dad about the dark grey clouds moving our way rather quickly.  Finally dad noticed, after finding his glasses.  We had a long walk back to the car.  Took nearly an hour.  Started raining long before that point.  We were thoroughly soaked by the time we got back to the car.  I don’t know why you want to keep looking for insulators, I said.  I don’t know why I keep bringing you with me, he replied.  Very odd, probably that kick on the head.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure with dad and I.  And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

14 Comments on “Autumn Insulator Adventures…#3.

  1. Even tho’ the trees are pretty well barren, they exude a strange beauty about them…silently waiting for new buds to appear…excellent pics of the squirrel enjoying his peanut !…the gnarly trees remind me of the fairytale stories told to me as a child…


  2. Ha ha ha😂😂 don’t bring the wrong sugar, bring the brown sugar 😂👌 He had so much fun with you, no matter you enjoyed it or not but I’m sure he did 😂😂✨☃️ Have a great day Steve ☃️✨ hope you are taking enough rest ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, he definitely got some good laughs out of these adventures later, though maybe not at the time!😂😂But he got me a few times too!😲😜I’m trying to stay resting, not easy, but I’m doing it okay.🤔🤪😀 Mostly.🙄Enjoy your evening and tomorrow you can sit under that palm tree.😎🌴Or is it going to rain again?🤔😬🌧🌧

      Liked by 1 person

      • How could you🙄🤐 Yes, it’s raining.😒 again🙄 and its foggy and cold air 🥶 My sickness got little better, and look here again it’s raining 🤷 totally not predictable. Time to cover myself double with something warm at bed.😂😜 This palm tree 🤔 i think that will happen only by 2020😂😂 Have a beautiful day 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, more rain, not good, make sure you dress warm, don’t want that sickness to come back at you!😬🥶We are supposed to get about 2cm of freezing rain and ice pellets this afternoon which will make things super slippery!😲😳😬 Then tomorrow the cold weather moves in for the next couple weeks.🥶🥶😒☃ You’ll have your palm tree before I will anyway!😂🌴


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