Nature’s Art #5.

Hi everyone on this rather chilly day in December!  And welcome back to our series on art in nature.  There are so many things found throughout nature that can rightly fit in with real art, yet most people would barely notice these things, or pass them off as something not worth looking at.  But really, they can be very cool objects if we just stop to consider them a bit.  Even the weathered roots of fallen trees can look just amazing as natural works of art.  So, for today we have…IMG_9867

A whorl of 4 red pine cones still on the twig that a squirrel had just cut down.  Barely missed hitting me on the head.20190925_122510

Crown coral fungus certainly fits for cool natural art.  It is really quite amazing to see this particular fungus which comes in different varieties.  Plus, it’s edible.

Well, that’s my selection for today, there’s lots more to come for this series.  I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

39 Comments on “Nature’s Art #5.

  1. Thanks for the pics ! I do love flowers ! That edible mushroom looks kinda scary , but I bet it is tasty ! Can’t eat them because I am allergic to them

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    • Thanks for checking them out. Technically this is a fungus and not a mushroom, even though mushrooms are also a type of fungus, but it would likely be best to stay away from them. I’m going to try them next year and see what they taste like. At least they are easy to identify.😀😺


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