Daily Pics #25.

Iceland poppy

Good morning to everyone and Happy Friday!  It did get a bit chilly last night for sure.  We got a bit of snow yesterday, enough to make things white again, then that NW wind came along and with it, cold temps.  A good morning for some hot coffee!  Muffin doesn’t agree.  She is presently looking out the window like she does every morning.  But when it gets daylight, then she wants to play.  Instead of watching all the little birds.  Okay, there’s not a lot of little birds to watch, maybe that’s why.  So, playtime it is.  At least I have time to get this out for you to look at and hopefully enjoy.  So, here we go…IMG_5159

Not actually sure what color to call this daylily.  I will leave that up to you to decide.IMG_5127

And a nice lavender poppy to finish off today’s flower pictures.  It’s always such a warm and bright feeling that they give on cloudy or cold winter days.  I hope you have enjoyed them, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


42 Comments on “Daily Pics #25.

  1. Lovely Daylily and why is the lavender poppy is out of shape 🤔 she is in a poor diet it seems. 👻 Have a beautiful day STEVE ☃️✨

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    • Thanks for checking them out Simon.😃 It had been very windy and those poppies don’t do well in wind, but they are not easy to find, lots of red, but not many lavender, this year there was only 3 and that was the best one.😀📷 Maybe next year.🙄 The one I had from last year was even worse.😂😂


      • 😂😂Totally fine Steve😂 I thought to blamd on landrord for the poor diet✨😉maybe she still is😄Have a beautiful weekend ✨🤗

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      • No, just bad weather and bad timing.😕 It had rained, then got windy, so the poor flower was not looking it’s best,😳 but it was the best one still.😂😁📷Enjoy your day!


  2. Lavender Poppy☺️, look what Steve does he cares and supports you🥰. thats great. poor muffin 😜if she is possessive will not leave his feet😁. Muffin😄 no im not saying this to you ☃️ Have a fantabulous Sunday Steve🤗

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    • Thanks Simon! My feet are Muffins prize possession, only she can bite them she says.😼😹 I need to get steel socks.🤔🙄Hope you had a relaxing day!😀😺⛄🎄

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      • 🙄Me? Relaxing day🙄😒 not going to happen for sure😂 It was a busy day. You wont believe, my christmas shopping is almost over. Waiting for Christmas and few more works✨☃️ Yet to clean my home😜☺️ Lot of works to do🙄😄 Yes i think a steel socks would work😜 Try for amazon😂Have a beautiful Sunday☺️

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      • Well, you should always take at least 1 hour a day to relax Simon.😀 Or not.🤔 But even doing something other than your normal work is supposed to be as good as relaxing.🙄🤪 I read that somewhere.😜 Not my idea.🤔😂Do you have a big family gathering at Christmas or keep it small? It’s just Muffin and me at Christmas so we don’t plan much, eat,😀😺 play games,😀😸 watch birds,😀😽 hit my head.😬😹 Normal stuff.🙄I wonder if I could grow a palm tree inside?🤔🌴Thanks Simon, I hope you have a wonderful week!😀😺😻⛄🥶🎄

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      • Hi Steve, i wish i could😉 and we are used to this. ☃️ Its all about midnight prayers at church and lunch with whole family and lot of cakes and creams and sweets 😋 Im waiting for that day already. Whats that noise🤔 im hungry😂.Wow Steve, You truly got some simple good plans with Muffin✨😸 Im sure she is going to love it. i saw your diy craft. You got so much in your brain Steve! You are awesome😁. Growing a palm tree🤔 ever tried terrarium? you can literally grow a palm tree inside a bottle✨😉👍 try it✨ Have a great week ahead Steve

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      • You are going to have a busy fun day! Or is that fun busy?🤔🙄Hard to know sometimes. Anyway I’m sure it will be! Look at that, already can’t wait for all that good food.🤪🥧🥧🍩🍩🎂🎂🍨🍨🍰🍰🧁🧁🍟🍟A palm tree in a bottle? But how would I get inside the bottle so I could sit under the palm tree??🤔😜🙄Maybe if I use a real big bottle. Oh well. Poor Steve with no palm tree.😂🌴 Have a wonderful evening Simon.😁😸🌙⛄🎄


      • Sure it’s going to be a busy fun day✨😁 Food😍 yes!!! Palm tree on a bottle 🤔 no it don’t work out🙄😄😂😋 Have a beautiful Monday Steve ✨🤗

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      • I wonder if there are miniature palm trees? Maybe I will have to make one. Hmm, not a bad idea. Hope your day has been a good one! You haven’t started running yet have you?🤨 How long does it take you to get to work?🤔 Drive, train, bus, walk, bike?😀🚗🚲🏍🛴🏎🚂🚁🚝 Hope you don’t mind the questions.😀🙄 Was just curious. It’s the cold weather.😂😂😹🙄

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      • Hi Steve, terrarium Miniature palm trees you can get it on amazon, im sure the discounts are too good due to thanksgiving😉 No i havent started running, walking got a lot better happy with the progress😁 Would love to run soon😉 needs more time. I go to work in 10 mins. Its very close to my home and i go by bike as it is very close. only during rains ill choose car😋 Love the questions Steve ✨🤗 It was warm here 😁

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      • I’ll have to check Amazon, see if they have it on ours too.🌴 AAAAAAAAA!!!!😲😲 Warm???!!!!😳😳😳 (Steve faints)😵Had to leave the laptop for a while and do some cleaning.😕😜 Have to move so slow, it takes a long time. Sigh.🤪🙄 But it’s getting done.😀

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