Cats And Mice…A Fun Poem.

I was kind of challenged to write a poem.  A poem about cats, mice, and a wolf.  Well, I think the wolf slept too late this morning, but while I was enjoying my morning coffee, this little poem came along.  It’s about 2 online buddies, Mr. Cat and Muffin.  I hope you enjoy…

Cats And Mice

Mice are running, having fun,

Sharing cheese, one by one.

Then along comes Mr. Cat,

Chasing the mouse, by a hat.

He is wearing knitted socks,

Slides on floor, and he knocks

His own head, on the chair,

With Muffin laughing, over there.

Then she chases one big mouse,

Through each room in the house.

She comes back…Empty hands?

Smiles Mr. Cat, where he stands.

Then both decide to retire,

Curling up beside the fire…

For tonight.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

119 Comments on “Cats And Mice…A Fun Poem.

  1. Oh this is fun Steve! I love it! A mouse in Knitted socks sliding across the floor. Reminds me of “Tom & Jerry” cartoons. And the two cats curling up by the fire…so sweet! Well done! Meanwhile….the wolf is watching through the window….😊

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      • We say it looks like he’s wearing socks. Or got dipped in milk. 😊
        It sure sounds like the mice are having a party—with their party hats on. Teehee…

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      • Well, that worked out really well then, he does have socks.😺🧦
        Yep, a mouse party was the idea.😂🐭🐭
        Enjoy your evening Nina!😁😸☃🎄


      • Haha yes, it worked out great, Steve. Mr. Cat-in-Socks agreed! A mouse party! Sweet. I’m excited! I really need to start drawing again—simple illustrations—cause the visuals I have in my head are silly fun! Would you like to include a photo or three of Muffin?
        This will be fun playing with different sound effects and instruments (like Peter and the Wolf) which speaking of—has the wolf been by lately?

        Expecting an inch of rain today—huge band of weather across the west coast. I have a few pictures posted from our summer camping trip on the coast. I’ll post some more this morning. Have a great day! 😊😻😊
        Ps. How was your assessment?

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      • Hi Nina! Illustrations for something like this would be great. I could send you photos of Muffin. Really looking forward to this.
        We are getting a bit of snow, maybe 2 inches when it’s done.
        My assessment is good, seems to be healing well. Now I start with some very light exercises for 3 weeks to help strengthen it. Then another assessment and if all is well there will be more strenuous exercises added in for the next 3 weeks. Should be mid February or so before it’s all done. I just pray this heals properly so I can get back to normal walking. I’m listening to the physiotherapist closely on this, don’t want to mess up and make things worse.
        Thanks for asking, enjoy your day and stay dry!😁😸☃🎄


    • Hey, that’s not a bad idea Saba, I will look into that possibility.😃😻 Muffin agrees!😸😻😽 Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, though I guess your Friday is over, so have a wonderful weekend Saba!😃😺😻😻

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