Another Christmas Tree.

White breasted nuthatch

Hi everyone!  It’s still very cold outside and getting colder.  Not a good day to be outside taking pictures.  How do I know?  Because I already tried it.  My fingers are now starting to move again.  Just too much cold weather so early in the winter, usually it doesn’t arrive until after Christmas.  Not that I’m spending much time outside, still too hard to stand for very long.  But I keep trying anyway for short periods.  Speaking of cold…

It was a milder day…

As Dad and I went after our Christmas tree.  But the snow was deep that year.  We had received 40 inches of snow that November.  We should use snowshoes, I suggested.  Dad  just looked at me like I was crazy.  Mom thought it was a good idea.  So off we went.  Parked the car at a spot that looked good and we put on our snowshoes.  You go first, said dad.  Naturally.  I get the hard part.  The snow was soft.  I was used to snowshoes, dad was not.

A snowy scene as I look from my deck.

As we began our trek into the forest I heard a scream of sorts.  I turned around to see dad laying face down in the snow.  How did you manage to fall?, I asked.  Stepped on the snowshoe, he said.  You’re not supposed to do that, I reminded him.  Bonehead, he said! Considering he was covered with snow I don’t know why he could be enjoying himself. Dad was never mad when he said that.  Just something he said.  A lot.  His arms were down by his side and the snowshoes were stuck in the snow.  Poor dad, looked like he was trying to swim like a fish whenever he tried to move.  I started laughing.  A lot.  Dad didn’t see the comical side to this at the time.

Slightly snowy landscape by the river.

I had to get his snowshoes out of the snow.  AAAAAA!!!!, said dad, you twisted my leg.  I have to get you unstuck so you can turn over, I said.  Be careful, he replied.  Next leg, same scream.  I managed to get dad on his side, but then accidentally kicked my snowshoe into his stomach.  I thought dad’s eyes were going to pop right out.  And he made this odd “oomph” kind of sound.  Finally dad was up again.  That was tiring, I said.  Right, let’s rest a bit, said dad.  But we are not even across the ditch yet, I replied.  Dad looked at me.  Good spot to rest, I said.

A female purple finch.

Off we went again.  Dad said to slow down.  Fine.  Dad stayed a bit behind me for safety.  Odd.  At one point there was a large spruce tree with low branches so I had to push one out of the way.  Since Dad was so far behind I knew it was safe to let go of the branch.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  I turned.  Dad was laying in the snow again.  On his side this time.  He claimed the branch knocked him over.  Probably stepped on his snowshoe again.  You lost your hat, I remarked.  I picked it up and gave it to him.  AAAAA!!!  It’s full of snow, he said as he put it on, why didn’t you dump the snow out of it?  I thought you would do that, I said shaking my head.

A nice buck just a little ways from my deck.

Had to help him up again.  Not easy with those snowshoes on.  He wanted to rest awhile again.  And while he does that, this is a good place to stop for today.  Part 2 will come tomorrow so I hope you will be back to enjoy the fun ending.  I also hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless! 

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “Another Christmas Tree.

  1. Hi Steve! The post was fun filled for sure 😂😂Poor dad you kicked him 😬🤪 Glad he is okay with that 😉 eagerly waiting for part 2 also your picture are awesome, so are these pictures you have yesterday on that freezing cold 🥶 Amazing pictures Steve! Enjoyed reading it 🤗 Have a beautiful day ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Simon! I’m slow today, even though I was up at the same time as normal. Glad you liked this! Hey, I didn’t kick him on purpose, just an accident.😂😀🙄The pictures were from last week, so not quite as cold then.🤪📷
      Part 2 is almost ready, guess you won’t see until tomorrow.😁😜😳 Have a good night!😀😺⛄🎄😴

      Liked by 1 person

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