Nature’s Art #9.

Hello everyone!  Here we are with more art from nature which I thoroughly enjoy.  Of course, even my flower pics could actually be used in this section, but I’m trying to pick out some things that a lot of people often overlook.  And a lot of these most people wouldn’t think of as being very art worthy, but when we look closely at them, then we can see the beauty that shows.  Or maybe not.  I admit, not everyone will like all of these pics, but hopefully there will be some now and then that you will find enjoyable.  And for someone like me, it helps me remember warmer days.  Oh well, only 4 more months to go and we can start thinking of spring again.  But for now, some pics…IMG_8387

A mini forest of soft moss to start us off today.IMG_8525

And a red pine cone recently cut down by a squirrel and starting to open.  For such a large tree, their cones are really not very big.

There is our art in nature for today folks.  I hope you all have an enjoyable day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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    • Hi Nina! A very cold, cloudy and windy day here, -34F. But Muffin and I are enjoying the great indoors today!😂😹🙄☕☕☕Hope you are enjoying your day too!


      • The great indoors can be a vast landscape indeed! Teehee. All well here. Good progress on the remodel yesterday. Lots of pictures. More to do.
        Tick tock flies the clock…another day closer to spring. See you soon!😊🐌🙃🐌

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