Daily Pics #37.

Good morning on this very cold day!  Amazingly Muffin is still at her favorite looking out the window spot.  Not sure what she could be looking at, probably not much moving around out there except maybe the deer.  Or an owl.  But I haven’t heard any owls this winter.  Or a wolf, but then Muffin wouldn’t be at the window, she would be under the bed.  She is terrified of wolves, especially when they come on the deck.  I wish one would come around during the day so I could get a picture.  Oh well.  Meantime, let’s take a look at some nice warm pictures…IMG_5479

Here is a closer look at those bicolored monkshood flowers and a bee coming in for some nectar.IMG_5008

And another nice blue bachelor’s button with a beautifully colored bee enjoying some nectar as well.

And that is our selection for today, please come back tomorrow for some more.  I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

73 Comments on “Daily Pics #37.

  1. Hi Steve, Love your new profile picture. That baby deer isn’t it 😉 That bicolored monkshood 😍 and our weird named bachelor button. lovely flowers Steve! Hope you had good sleep last night. Enjoy the beautiful day ✨🤗

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    • Thanks for stopping by Simon!😃 Yep, slept good last night, now I’m heading out into the freezing cold to get some coffee!⛄☕ It’s -37C here this morning. 🥶🥶🙀Too cold.
      You noticed my new pic, been there for 3 weeks. But my nose still looks too big.🤪🙄 Oh well. Enjoy your evening, have to spend the next 10 minutes getting on enough clothes to go outside.😂🙄😺⛄⛄

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      • Did you said 3 weeks🙄😬 Now i know Google says to update the my browser all the time. I should’ve done that long ago. 😒😛 yup, nope your nose is not little big 😂 not at all 😁 -37C my god, I’ll die for that cold. That’s too cold, please take care of yourself when you go out for coffee!. Have a beautiful cold day Steve 🤗

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      • Yes indeed, 3 weeks.😂I think my nose looks huge in that pic, otherwise it’s not too bad.😀🙄🤪That cold was unbelievable!! Too hard to breathe when it’s so cold, freezes me from the inside out!🥶😬😜I’m staying inside the rest of the day. Except to check for my mail later. But Muffin and I are enjoying the great indoors now. But it’s supposed to get quite mild on the weekend, I sure hope so, need a break from this cold. Guess you have gone to bed already, so have a nice day tomorrow!😀😺⛄⛄🎄

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