Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone on this mild Christmas Eve day!!  I hope that all of you are finished all your preparations for Christmas so that you can now begin to enjoy everything and everyone around you this Christmas season.

All of us here would like to say “Merry Christmas” to all of you, our followers and readers from all over the world!!


Muffin, yes, that is a little pink spot on her nose.
Mr. D

And so many other little birds that come around here each day. 

Merry Christmas!!!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


100 Comments on “Merry Christmas!

      • Yes Steve, Christmas time has come to an end. Tomorrow back to office 😒 Time to prepare myself and finish off the cookies leftover 😋. Have a beautiful Christmas Day ✨🥰🎅

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      • Back to work already? Another holiday for us tomorrow, at least for some people, stores and restaurants will be open again. I’m going to write a post about our crazy holiday. Enjoy those leftovers!😀😀😜😋😋🎂🥮🍪

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      • Yes Steve, Have a wedding to attend coming Monday, i had to get back to work 🙄. The leftovers yes,😋 I’m on it and got busy for a while. No more space. I still have tmrw to finish it😬😁😜

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      • Yes, technically he is my cousin brother, my dad’s first younger brother’s first son is getting married 😋 Hope that is clear 😜 . About the cookies 🤔 how did you know that? I sure did hide my cookies ✨😁 and bought a pocket of sand fried peanuts. That’s the only thing i have not hidden 😁 Im sure i need to workout a lot for the abs that’s been missing 😂😂. I have a whole 2020 to do that😜

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      • You enjoy confusing me don’t you?🤔😳😵🤯 Had to read that 3 times!🤪😜🤨About the cookies, just seemed natural.😀😀🙄Sand fried peanuts, that’s a new one for me.🤔Yep, don’t worry, a little exercising and you’ll be back to normal in no time!😀🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️💪


      • Did i🙄 confused you 🤔 my dad have 4 brothers and he is the senior. His first brother’s son, because he had 2 sons, should be clear right 😜 Cookies 😋 have some space in future tmrw 😁 Yes sand fried, it’s famous here. They use a sand which will have some salt also i think, not sure they put peanuts inside the hot sand and filter it out using something called 🙄 not sure what you call that in English. You will get peanuts sand free alright 😁😋 and it will be so tasty ✨🤗😋

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      • Wow, those peanuts sound cool.😋 Just when I thought I had it right you went and confused me again.🤔😹 Sigh. That’s okay. I’m confused most of the time anyway!🤪😜😳🙄

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      • I did again ✨🤔 but, why, how? 🤔 I thought I was crystal clear ✨😋 You can try making that peanut, which is really easy ✨😋

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      • That’s the problem, you’re clear but my brain is in a fog so I can’t think clear because how can I think clear walking through the fog on a clear day while the clearness is hidden from view in fogginess while the fog is clearing but the clearing is getting foggy.🤪😜😳😵🤯 I think.🤔🙄

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      • And that is Steve✨😉😜 This is your super power ✨😁 Have a good peaceful night Steve! hope you had your favourite cookies and enjoyed the day with Muffin ✨😉

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      • Hehehehehe!!!😂 Thanks Simon, yep, baked my cookies and enjoyed them too!😀😀 So good!😋😋 Now I’m tired and ready for bed. Good night Simon!😁😸🌙😴😴

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