Daily Pics #45.

Hello again everyone on yet another day with heavy clouds which will make for a very dull day once again.  It’s necessary to keep lights on in my apartment all day when it gets like this.  Oh well.  Muffin and I had a great Christmas this year, Muffin really enjoyed her new toys, and of course, all the paper.  But there was hardly any birds around yesterday, so very odd.  The blue jays were here, the woodpeckers and a few chickadees, but I didn’t see anything else around.  It was a mild day however, so that was nice.  But with few birds I didn’t spend much time outside.  My little squirrel came by in the morning for some peanuts, which was also odd.  He usually comes in late afternoon. 

Well, time for another look at some bright flowers from my vacation…


Well, not actually a flower, but it is nice a bright.  These are flower bracts that grow at the top of a plant, the flowers come out in between them.  You can see some yellow flower buds showing near the top.IMG_4328

Another one, though different kind of plant, like the one above.  Nice light pink bracts with some blue/violet flower buds beginning to show.  The colorful bracts are just as beautiful as flowers though.  And something a bit different for our daily pics.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

118 Comments on “Daily Pics #45.

  1. This looks so beautiful (Romba azhaga iruku) in my language 😉 the second one is really cool 😍🥰 That is really awesome, the second plant looks just like aloe vera painted🤪 Have a beautiful day Steve✨🤗💐

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