Daily Pics #48.

Good morning on this cloudy Sunday!  Amazing how much cloudiness we have been getting this winter, without getting much snow.  Normally a milder cloudy day means lots of snow on the way.  However, there is some snow coming today, just not very much.  I don’t mind the lack of snow though, it’s actually kind of nice for a change.  We haven’t had a winter like this for several years, nice to get a break.  But still, that nasty “thing” is starting to come back anyway.  Always happens about this time.  We have had 2 months of winter now and that’s when it strikes, for me and Muffin anyway.  And she is starting to feel it too.  It’s going to be bad this year, I can tell.  That terrible thing called “Cabin Fever”!

But for now we can enjoy some warm sunshiny pics instead…


Starting with a nice bright red hibiscus.  They really are beautiful, and large, flowers.IMG_4337

And now this stunningly bright yellow hibiscus to really bring that sunshine into our homes on this cloudy day.

And there we have today’s pics for us to enjoy, even if you are getting sunshine where you live today.  And I do hope you have a nice sunny Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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