Daily Pics 2020…#1.


I hope you all had an enjoyable evening waiting for the New Year to arrive.  Muffin and I had a great time.  She stayed up, I went to bed early.  She didn’t like that too much however and did her best to wake me up before midnight so I could hear the fireworks.  Actually, fireworks started rather early around here with the first batch going off at 7 pm.  That lasted about 15 minutes.  Second batch went off at 7:30 and was shorter in time than the first batch.  But our main fireworks were at midnight.  No, I didn’t go watch them.  I have no intention of going to stand outside in freezing cold weather to watch fireworks.  They look much nicer in the summer when it’s warm.  Yes, I’m a terrible person, but at least I was warm.

And to begin this new year…IMG_4391

Still from my vacation flower photos comes this beautiful bright white hydrangea macrophylla.IMG_4390

And here we have another beautiful hydrangea, but not really sure what color to call it, but I sure do like it however.  So nice to dream of warmer days!

And there we have some wonderful and colorful flowers to brighten the start of the New Year for us.  Again, Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have a fantastic day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

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