Joys Of Snowshoeing…Part 2.

Hello everyone on this very nice Friday!  I hope you are able to enjoy at least part of your day.  And, of course, the weekend is just ahead and already here for some of you.  Take some time to get out and look around you this weekend, enjoy whatever nature there is close by.  Or just spend some time out in the yard, getting outside is always a good thing to do.  And now, let’s carry on with my little misadventure…

White breasted nuthatch

My nice slope was actually two dead trees that had fallen against the cliff edge many years before and had been so covered with snow that I couldn’t see any sign of branches that would have given it away.  And one of my snowshoes got tangled in the trees twisting my ankle rather badly.  There I was, lying in the snow with my snowshoe caught in the dead trees.  Not exactly a good position to be in.

The same white breasted nuthatch at my feeder with a sunflower seed in it’s beak

So now what?  First I had to get my snowshoe, and foot, free from the branches of these two trees.  That wasn’t so easy since my snowshoe was in the air and I was lying on my back in soft snow.  Fortunately I was able to use one of the trees to pull myself up and undo the strap on my snowshoe to free my foot.  I had to put my snowshoe back on since the snow was soft and deep on that ledge.  And now?  I had to figure out what to do since there was no visible way back up.  And it was at least 20 feet down to the next level.  And who knows what might be hidden under that deep snow down below.  So I figured jumping down was not a good option.

A black capped chickadee on my hand

Besides, that ankle was hurting quite badly, jumping would likely make things worse.  It was 1 pm when I left, it was now 2:30, so I still had about 2 hours of daylight left.  I wasn’t really sure what to do so I brushed the snow off a rock and sat down so I could look over the situation.  I figured the only way off this ledge would be to climb up.  But that granite was so nice and smooth, except for some lichen growing on it.  Hmm.  While I was sitting some chickadees came along from the valley below.  A couple stopped for a bit and searched the broken trees beside me for any insects that may be hidden in the bark.  Then off they flew to the top of the cliff so effortlessly.

A goldfinch on a very cold winter day in late afternoon

Hmm.  As they went up I noticed a small twig sticking out of the snow.  And a little beyond that a small balsam was also barely showing itself through the snow.  Now if they were anchored strongly enough I might be able to pull myself up.  Problem.  The first one was just too high for me to reach even with the help of my snowshoe.  I looked at the broken trees.  Just might work.  I put one up against the rock, checked the branches to make sure they were strong enough to hold me, then I took my snowshoes off and started to climb.  I figured I just might be able to reach that first twig.  I was almost there when, SNAP!  That broken tree broke again.  And I tumbled down and…

Guess I better stop here for today, this is longer than I thought it would be.  But part 3 will be ready for tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

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