Daily Pics 2020…#7.

Good morning everyone!  It is a bit on the cold side today, but it’s getting colder, so this isn’t so bad.  Yesterday it was so nice and sunny all day, so even though it was cold it still felt nice just to see the sun shining.  There was a lot of bird activity yesterday too which was also nice, so I spent time out there trying to get pics.  And I did get some nice pics too.  Nearly froze my hands, but I got some nice pics.  Except I missed the gray jay again.  That is a tough bird to get sometimes.  They don’t exactly sit around and eat usually, though sometimes they will.  I do have pictures of our gray jays, but I’m always looking for something new, perhaps a little different, more unique in some way.  But there’s more time yet before they start nesting next month.

But for now, more bright and cheery flowers for us to look at…


Here’s the next picture of that bee we saw flying to the delphinium yesterday.  It’s a nice bright and colorful group.IMG_3588

And here we have our wild columbine to help give us a boost of color and cheer for today.

I hope you like these choices.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

629 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#7.

  1. Too bad weather, the weather shows no mercy isn’t it 🙄🤔 But you do, show us sone bright colours and makes our day bright 😜. But why did you days Tuesday 🤔 I’m on Thursday 🙄 Strange… Hmm😳 Have a great day ✨🤗

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