20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 2.

Muffin takes off like a gray streak making her way across the plane.  I hope she doesn’t get us in trouble.  Hmm, Muffin is over there a long time, I’m starting to get worried, I hope she’s okay.  I’m sitting looking out the window at the clouds beneath us.  Some are pushing their way higher and higher, like large white mountains.  Suddenly there is a tapping on my hand, bringing me back to the reality of the moment.  It’s Muffin tapping me with her paw.  Oh, sorry, I move out of her seat.  Well, did you learn anything Muffin? Meow, meow!! (I sure did, wait until you hear this!!).  First she pointed to something on her seat.

Male “purple finch”

A passport?  How did you get this?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.  I quickly look at the passport.  His name isn’t Allen after all, it’s David Cordon.  What’s this?  He is also an appraiser for antique jewelry.  Meow, meow!  He’s a PI too?  And he’s following us because he wants to steal the jewelry after we find it and then blame us for that?  Did you learn anything about the other guy he’s talking to?  Meow, meow!  She points to the floor.  Another passport!  I look at that one too.  The other guy is Italian and his name is Mario.

“goldfinch” in it’s winter colors

Meow, meow.  He’s working with David?  Hmm, that’s not good, he will know the country and the language.  That will help Cordon.  Good thing we have a contact in Italy too.  Meow?  Yes, we do, I hope she can drive fast, we need to get rid of these two as quickly as possible.  Now here, take these passports back, but drop them in the aisle and get back here fast.  Meow. (okay.)  Off she goes and comes back, her eyes big.  Meow, meow.  You almost got caught?  Did either of them see you?  Meow. (no).  Good girl, I knew you could do it.  After this it’s kind of quiet so Muffin decides it’s a good time for a nap.

Male “downy woodpecker”

Not me however, something is starting to worry me about this case.  Hmm, I see one of the flight attendants found the passports and gave them back.  They both have quite a puzzled look!  I wonder how Muffin learned to pick pockets like that.  I feel for my wallet.  That’s why my wallet goes missing now and then.  It’s a long flight, so it gives me more time to think about this case.  I wonder how Cordon found out about this jewelry and about us looking for it?  There’s something wrong here, only a couple people know about this, and they are the ones that hired us.  Perhaps they mentioned something to a friend?

A very happy Baxter the “blue jay” with some food

Anyway, we have a week to solve this case.  The people who own the place will be away and they want us to find out what we can during that time.  That should be plenty of time for Muffin and I.  We even get to stay at the palace, alone and undisturbed.  I have a floor plan, which is good, the palace is huge.  This will help us find our way around.  I’m sure there must be a lot of hidden passageways, and hidden secrets, in that place.  But our first problem is Cordon and his friend Mario.  The main thing is we need to get rid of them so they don’t follow us.  But wait, they must already know where we are going!  Now if…our friendly flight attendant comes over and whispers to me.  What?  Dead?

To be continued…

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


62 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 2.

  1. That Muffin amazes me more all the time!! Now perhaps I should enlist you two to help me find my missing belt. The one that went missing in Texas. I know it’s not jewels or Gold but I really like that thing and I want it back!! 😉😂😂

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  2. This is so cute and interesting! It just got better. Never mess with with cat’s like Muffin! You will lost unexpected stuff without knowing how 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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