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20/20 Investigations, Inc., Kidnapped, Chapter 1.

We have had a nice leisurely week after our last case, getting a chance to rest up, which is nice. Meow, meow?=When we get next case, been week already? Meow.=Yep, ready to go on new case. Patience you two, we’ll get a case soon,… Continue Reading “20/20 Investigations, Inc., Kidnapped, Chapter 1.”

20/20 Investigations, Inc…Stone House, Chapter 11.

The pilot told me to wipe my gun clean of fingerprints and give it to him, and take his gun instead.  That way I won’t be held by the police for shooting that man.  He also said that an ambulance would be waiting and… Continue Reading “20/20 Investigations, Inc…Stone House, Chapter 11.”

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