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The Investigators, Inc. The Game. Chapter 11.

I just fell to the ground, the pain was so bad. “Steve needs help you two,” said Kat. Chomp!, Chomp! “AAAA”, I said as quietly as possible. Meow.=That always work. “Good thing,” said Kat. “Yes, it certainly is a good thing,” I said, “but… Continue Reading “The Investigators, Inc. The Game. Chapter 11.”

The Investigators, Inc. Nowhere. Chapter 2.

While all this was going on, we now turn the clock back to see what was happening back home at the time…”Hmm, this is strange,” said Linnea, “this is the third time I have tried calling Steve and he doesn’t answer his phone. I… Continue Reading “The Investigators, Inc. Nowhere. Chapter 2.”

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