Muffin Is Sad.

Hi everyone, it me, Muffin. Me very sad today, that why no daily funny today, maybe not have one all week, not sure yet. Me lose two very good friends this month. First it friend from Italy, her name Mila, she pass away when she is 20 years old. That quite old for cat. Then, me find out on Sunday that my best boy catfriend pass away too, he was 17 years old. His name Mr. Cat and he was partner in mystery story series for last 3 years. Sigh. Me and my human sit and cuddle each other right now, his brother pass away too. Me just want to share some of my favorite photos of my Mr. Cat today.

Me say goodbye for now. Hope you all have very nice days!


Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Muffin Is Sad.

  1. Muffin it is good to share what is on one’s 😻 And showing some photos with us …hugs to Mila’s human and Mr. Cat’s human ! ❀️❀️ Blessings to Steve on hearing the passing of our brother ! 😻😍😒😒😿😿

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