Snowshoeing And…Part 3.

I was hoping that they would just decide I wasn’t anything exciting and then leave.  Which is what I wanted to do.  Maybe if I unlace my boot I would be able to pull my foot out.  Then I could retrieve my boot easily.  So I started.  The smaller wolf had sat down.  The larger wolf was gone.  Not nice.  By the time I got my boot unlaced the big fella had gone around to my right side.  Looking at me.  And he was closer now.  Maybe just trying to figure out what I was.  I wiggled my foot as much as I could and finally out it came.  Great, my sock had come off.  I hate when that happens.  And a bare foot in snow is not very exciting either.

Male “redpoll”

I quickly pulled my boot out from the rocks, pulled my sock out of my boot and put my sock on.  By this time my foot was wet and cold.  I put my boot on and, great, there’s snow in my boot.  Now my foot is very wet and cold.  The wolves had both disappeared by this time.  That was a relief.  But…now, my snowshoe is broken.  Now I will have to walk through that deep snow.  And my ankle, knee and side were now paining quite badly.  But I headed for an area with more tree cover where there should be less snow.  I looked all around.  No sign of the wolves.  Fantastic!  Now I just had to figure out the fastest way back to one of my trails, then it would be easier walking.

2 “pine siskins” in the apple tree on a cold day.

It was still snowing.  Must be 4 inches (10cm) of new snow by now.  I got that feeling again.  I looked around.  Sure enough, that big wolf was following me again.  I wonder where the other wolf is hiding?  Oh, there she is, in front of me.  I decided to change direction.  At least it was easier walking through the trees.  Finally, there is one of my trails.  I was getting kind of tired by this point.  But I didn’t really want to stop and rest.  But the wolves decided to leave, which was a relief.  I kept on walking, but after walking through all that snow earlier, my knee was really throbbing.  That meant I had to slow down a bit.  I even stopped to rest for a while now that the wolves were gone.

Gent, my “gray jay”, getting a snack.

Then after about twenty minutes I spotted them again!  They were both ahead of me.  And standing on my trail.  That’s not nice.  I was too tired and sore to do anything else, so I kept on walking.  They just stood there, not moving, looking at me.  I kept on walking.  Like I didn’t see them.  They didn’t move, one was now sitting, the big one was standing.  I was maybe 30 feet away now.  What if they don’t move?  Then suddenly they took off running to the side.  I never saw them anymore after that.  Maybe they figured I wasn’t worth eating after all.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Snowshoeing And…Part 3.

  1. A bare foot in the SNOW isn’t so exciting!!! I agree though!!!! It is soooooo not exciting……seriously steve😜….

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  2. Now i know why they left you. Seeing you all wrapped up in big warm clothes they would’ve decided you are a nice dinner, but when you removed the shoes They would’ve felt there is no enough flesh under the skin. 🤪 You love getting into trouble don’t you. Enjoyed reading it,🤪 Have a beautiful Sunday Steve ✨🤗 Hope you had good sleep ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I slept very good, thanks! Yep, at the time with all my winter clothes on I would have looked nice and plump but without them those wolves were saying, ‘nothing but skin and bones’!😂🤪😹Hope you had a great day and that you’re ready to get back to work tomorrow!😁😸☃🌨Snowing here right now, not too much though, 3 or 4 cm so far.

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      • Haha, exactly that’s what i mean ✨😜It’s snowing again⛄☃️ Great.. it’s gonna stop, on my way to my dream World after my heavy dinner ✨😜 Should increase my weight, back to my diet foods ☺️ Enjoy the snow. Hope you don’t do anything hard today. Take enough rest, remember you need to recover ✨😉and should get back to 🏋️🤸

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      • The snow has stopped and the sun is almost breaking through the clouds.😀⛅ But the north wind has started so we are heading back to colder temps again tonight and the next couple days.😳🥶
        I’m resting today for sure, not doing much except my regular exercises.
        Have a great Monday!😃😺🌞🤸‍♂️

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    • It does make a person feel a bit nervous. This was my first close encounter with wolves, have had 3 others. One was even worse, in the summer and at night! Thanks for reading Jim!


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