20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 5.

Muffin and I take off in the boat, we want to be at that island as quickly as possible.  Just too many odd things happening today.  As we get to the island we found the spot Rossana told us about so I maneuver the boat into this little kind of canal and into the boat docking spot which is well hidden from view.  This is great.  I lock up the boat, check the engine and we leave for the palace.  Meow?  I just tampered with the engine a bit so no one can start it, I said to Muffin.  There’s a door close by which was locked, but I have keys to everything in this place, and there is a lot of keys.  We still need to be extra careful Muffin, this place is so big we won’t know if anyone is here or not.  Meow. (Right)

Downy woodpecker, waiting his turn at the feeder.

But why would someone be trying to kill us before we find the hidden treasure?  Makes no sense really.  Or has someone already found the treasure and they’re afraid we will discover the truth?  We go upstairs to the main floor.  Wow, just look at this entryway Muffin and this room here, this is the library.  Just look at all the books in here and the amazing furniture.  We go back to the entryway, there is a huge chandelier and frescoes on the ceiling.  Meow?  A fresco is kind of like a painting Muffin.  Meow?  Then why not call it a painting?  Well, because it’s different.  Meow.  What do you mean people are odd critters?

My friend, Becker, the white tailed deer

Meow, meow.  What do you mean, who cares about all this, we’re just going to die out here anyway?  Stop being so pessimistic.  This case is going to be our big one, we’ll be famous, we’ll be rich, we’ll be…meow.  No, not dead.  Stop saying that.  And stop sighing so loudly.  Meow, meow?  Well, we don’t really know if someone is trying to kill us, these things could just be accidents, or not related to what we are doing.  Meow?  Why didn’t the truck stop?  Well, maybe the driver was scared so he left.  Meow! (good idea, I’m scared, let’s leave).  We’re not leaving, remember we are PI’s, not mice, right?  Squeak. I don’t know how you learned to do that.  Meow. (practice).

Hairy woodpecker about to go on the feeder.

The sun has set and it’s starting to get dark quickly.  We need to find our bedroom and get some sleep, it’s been a long day.  The entryway has marble floors and large marble pillars.  The huge staircase is also marble with red carpet up the center.  Our bedroom is on the third floor.  I turn the lights on, looks much better now.  We start up the staircase. Getting tired Muffin?  Meow?  Okay, you can sit on my shoulder.  At the second floor there are two wide and long hallways with rooms on both sides.  It’s going to take a while to check through this place.  Half way up the stairs between the second and third floors, suddenly the lights go out.  Then there is loud creaking noises.

I take out my mini flashlight which has a super bright light, but I don’t see anything around.  At least now we can see again though.  Muffin, must you dig your claws in so deep?  Meow. (better for holding on).  At the top of the stairs we turn left and go down the hallway to our bedroom.  I open the door and…

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

43 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 5.

    • hehe! Yes, what did they see? What happened next? Is someone trying to kill them? Where is the treasure? All this and more coming up!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️
      Becker is quite friendly and that has enabled me to get some nice pics of him.😃📷🦌


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