Daily Pics 2020…#36.

Peony bud beginning to open

Good morning on this wonderful Wednesday!  The sky looks nice and blue so perhaps we will have a sunny day ahead.  And not quite so cold as the last couple of days.  Muffin just finished playing and she is now eating her breakfast.  Undoubtedly she will then spend some time at the window.  The birds are coming to the feeders now to get their breakfast too.  Muffin is a bit worried right now, her boyfriend, Scrappy, is quite sick and had to be taken to the doctor yesterday.  So we’re waiting to hear some news.

And now for today’s bright and beautiful flowers…


Another beautiful bright red hollyhock, the flower is nearly 5 inches (12.5cm) across.  And the bee is once again enjoying itself, actually this bee is a different one from the others.IMG_2326

And my orchid is in bloom so I just had to show off it’s beautiful lavender flowers.

And there we have today’s pics of flowers which I hope will brighten your day wherever you happen to live.  I hope you all enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


24 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#36.

    • Good morning and good evening Simon! A cool and snowy morning here with a strong north wind blowing in some very cold weather for us tonight.🥶🥶🙀🌨🌨 I hope you have had a great day,😃 relax a bit this evening, you need it!😎🌴 I know you won’t listen, that’s okay.😂😂

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      • Good Evening Steve, my work location got changed inside city, the one i work is hardly 5km from my house,the current location from Monday it’s 18 km from here 🙄 🤔 These people 😸 They can’t stop me from writing ☺️ except it eats two hours of my day driving 😱. Day is awesome always wonderful, it’s mosquito season and i hate mosquitoes especially at sleep 😳😳 most nights I’m awake. Planning to write a story at that time😛😜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, it takes an hour to drive 18km? Amazing, must be a lot of traffic where you live.🙄🚗🚗🚗🚙🚙🚐🚎🚚🚛🚗 Those lovely little critters, they just want to share your blood, they don’t take much.😳🦟🦟they do keep us awake though don’t they? I don’t care if they just land and bite, get it over with, but they have to keep buzzing around so long first. I think they enjoy that part.😲😳🤪😜🙄You should write a story about mosquitoes.🤪🤪😜😛🙀😀😀Even Muffin doesn’t like them buzzing around.😂😹

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lot of 🙄 Not just lot of, lot lot of 🙄🙄 20 to 25 km take more than 1 and a half hour 👀 I’ll write a story of our traffic soon.😄 seriously, 🙄 lovely critters 😳 i got dengue because of this, you still want to believe that 😁 never 😉 they enjoy it for sure, they think, Hey let’s have some Happy dance before we bite🦟🦟😋 i think write about it soon 😂😜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Okay, you got me on that one.🤔🙄 What’s dengue, I have heard about it, don’t know what it is though.🤔 That’s it!! It’s their happy dance!🤪🦟🦟 I must remember that one!😀😀🙄

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      • Dengue is a fever spread by mosquitoes and it reduces your red platelet count and eventually the affected person will die if he didn’t do blood transfusion. I found it early, my brother found it late three times he was loaded with fresh bottles of blood. Scary😳😳😳. it’s a happy dance you got it perfect😋🕺🦟🕺

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      • Glad we don’t have that around here. No fun that stuff. Slap those mosquitoes flat! Kill’em, spray’em, destroy’em.😳😲😳 Yeah, they’re the happy ones, not us.😬 Hope you have a funtastic Friday!😀😀🙄

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