20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 9.

Giuseppe was sitting on the floor, legs straight out, back against the wall.  Was he asleep?  Muffin gets ready just in case as I go over and check Giuseppe.  I couldn’t believe it, he’s dead!  I check him and there is not a mark on him anywhere.  But how?  Could it be poison?  In that case all of us are in trouble.  Just a little at a time wouldn’t be noticed, until…  We need to be very careful now Muffin.  It wouldn’t take much poison to kill her.  From now on Muffin, you will only eat the food I brought.  Meow.=Good idea.  For now we have work to do and then we will call the police.  Meow, meow?=What if the killer is in the room below?  That’s possible, but we will be ready this time, right?  Meow.=Right, let’s leave.  That’s not what I meant Muffin.  And don’t sigh so much.

Palace island 2
Here is the island we are at in our story, very long and narrow. Picture supplied by my friend Ross in Italy.

I fix up Muffin so she will be ready, just in case.  Okay Muffin, let’s go.  Meow.=Off to die. Hey, stop saying that Muffin.  We get to the room, but there is no one there, just that same broken furniture.  The window was still open.  Does that mean no one has been here?  Wait, that door that led to the lower level is now open, I know I had closed it.  As we looked around we heard that same scraping noise, like before.  Muffin ran to the door, meow!  I ran over too, but, too late.  Another of those big wood doors had closed and trapped us in the room.  Well Muffin, looks like the only way out is to go down.  We’re finished in here anyway, so I guess we go down and see what’s at the bottom of the stairs.  Meow.=I don’t like this, someone is watching us.

Palace island 3
The palace.  Picture again supplied by my friend Ross.

Yes Muffin, I agree, so let’s be extra careful, up on my shoulder so you can look back and make sure no one is following us.  Meow.=Good idea.  At least we know it’s not Rossana and Olivia.  Meow, meow.  Yes, you’re right, it could be someone working with them, or they could have come back after they thought we were in bed.  You just had to bring that up didn’t you?  Anyway, down we go on these old stone stairs.  This is really quite a fascinating place, just look how it’s built Muffin.  Meow, meow.=We’re going to die and all you think about is how this palace is built.  Sigh.  Stop sighing so much Muffin.

Looking our across Nice in France.

The room at the bottom of the stairs was nearly empty except for some dusty wood boxes on one end.  Doesn’t look like anyone has been here in a long time.  Hmm, two doors here and…there’s that scraping noise again and we’re trapped by another wood door at the bottom of the stairs.  There’s no window in this room so we must go through one of these doors.  I find the key for the one door and open it quickly and…a man standing there with a shotgun!  I’m standing just to the side of the door, suddenly…thwock!  The man falls to the floor nicely dazed.  I quickly grab the shotgun, nice shot Muffin, right on his forehead!  Muffin’s weapon works great.  It’s a type of slingshot I made to fit Muffin which she holds with her hind feet and pulls with her front foot.  She lays on her back to do this.  She shoots a very hard, though small, rubber muffin, the eating kind of muffin. I had them specially made for her.

Just love those palms in Nice.

I try to get some answers from this guy but he claims he can’t speak English, so we will have to wait for Rossana in the morning.  I find the key to the other door and open it.  I just barely get out of the way as a pile of rocks come crashing down completely blocking the door.  During this commotion the guy ran off down the hallway out the other door.  I didn’t really want to go that way in case he had some friends waiting down there.  Guess we will have to go that way after all Muffin.  I’ll take this shotgun along for added protection.  Meow.=Good idea.  As we enter the hallway one of those wood doors closed quickly ahead of us.  Hmm, this is not good, that only leaves one door for us to try.  It’s not locked and opens easily to some stairs…going down!

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

71 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 9.

  1. Reading investigations is an amazing way to make me smile when i ‘m bored!!! COOL steve!!

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  2. That was awesome ✨🤗😍 Action and suspense again 🤔 Hmm… Let me think about the next part… Alr8 too much of imagination injurious to my partially working brain.😋😜 How is your weekend, is it warm ? Or cold again? Wish it’s warm and you are having fun 🥰🤗😉

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    • It’s warm right now, -7, a little light snow, but it will start getting cold again around noon and back to that bad cold tonight and for the next few days again.
      Will we get lost in that big palace?😵 Will we end up in the dungeon?😲 Who’s trying to kill us?😳 Can we trust anyone?🤔🤔 Does Muffin have enough food?🙀 All this and more coming soon to a blog near you!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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  3. Warm? 🙄 -7 is still not walkable outside 🥶 I use to walk around without shirt, and this -7 would cause me hypothermia 😳 You don’t want me to sleep isn’t it 😉😜Lot of suspense questions to think about 😉✨

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    • I’m still around, posting every day, 2 or 3 times a day. I was wondering why you haven’t been around lately. I have that problem with a lot of blogs too, they don’t show up.


      • Yeah, I’ve been really busy with work recently. I kept watching for your story yesterday in my reader and it never showed up. I’ll just need to go to your site then I guess!😉 How ya doin’ these days? Healing up? Didn’t slip again did you? Those sniw shoes in the house can be treacherous!😉

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      • I’m trying to get the stories out by noon now. I sort of wrote myself in a corner a bit, trying to figure out what’s next.😂😹🤪Had my last physio appt on Monday, everything was good, still need to strengthen it slowly he said, don’t just go out and think it’s all normal now. No shoveling or sweeping snow, no lifting or moving anything heavy. Keep up with my exercises and…sigh, I shoveled a bit of snow, not much, but…I pulled it again on Wednesday. It is getting better though, but shows I need to be careful. Also he said not to do all housecleaning on one day, spread it out. I can walk without my cane now inside, but still use it outside until the snow is gone.🤔🤪🙄😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️


      • You need to be very careful right now!! The snow will melt!! Well eventually! But give yourself a break.😉 I know I’m not one to talk, I had to crawl under my sink today to replace the kitchen faucet and disposal! My back is barking at me right now. But needed to get done! Plumbers are spendy! 🤠

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      • Yep, I’m working on a daily schedule and once the snow melts I can get out and start walking. But I won’t go do my full walk that I did last year, I need to work myself up to that slowly. At first I will just walk around the neighborhood until I’m sure all the snow is gone from my path. I should be able to increase the length of my walk each week once I get going. I really don’t want to go through this again.😳😳😬😬🤪🤪


      • Yeah, sometimes the rehab is tougher to get through than the original injury. Got to face buddy we ain’t spring Chickens!😉🤠🐔🐓🐣 Did the cold break a little for you recently? We were near freezing point today. It’s supposed to drop again into the teens for highs tomorrow again.

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      • Yeah, hey, you callin’ me old? We had it a bit warmer, it was 20 this morning then the cold hit around noon and in 3 hours the temp dropped to -15. Wind has died down a bit now but the temp is -18 and is supposed to hit -22 by morning. And the cold is going to stay until Wed. Then up close to the freezing point next weekend and stay mild until the end of the month. So maybe this real cold will be over for the winter. I’m still hoping for an early spring.


      • Yikes!! Yeah we hit 15 below here Thursday night! Brrr.. 22 below is another magnitude colder though. Yeah, I’m hoping this was the last gasp if bitter cold too. An early spring would be very Welcomed! Hey as far as being old goes.. there’s a saying if the Flu s**t’s. Hehe!😉 Your only as old as you feel!! So no I don’t think you are..😁😉 How’s the traffic on your site been? Are you picking up new readers still? You should be with your investigation stories!👍

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      • Traffic is a bit slow right now, but that happens now and then, it will pick up again. I now have 639 followers, keeps climbing! Comments have really slowed down though for some reason, but that will change too I’m sure. My Investigations series is well liked!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️


      • A definite maybe! Thats good!! It’s better than an ordinary maybe but still not as good as an absolute maybe! Maybe?🤔 I might need to think about that one maybe..🤔😁

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      • Maybe you have something there if maybe there is something about it maybe but maybe then it would have to be maybe with maybe or without maybe so that it’s maybe or not. I think.🤔🤔🙄🙄😳😳


      • Yep, I just checked into that a little bit today to see if there is a reason. Came up with some interesting facts about that reader.


      • WP might be penalizing me because I have been using too many tags on my posts lately. When a person does that they will stop showing it in the reader.


      • It’s a possibility anyway. I know others have also said my posts have stopped showing up in their Reader. But not everyone though, some still get it, which is odd.


      • Of course I don’t remember. Once a person passes 40 their brain power begins to deteriorate, some faster than others. I think I must be winning the race!😂😂🤣🤣🙄🙄


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