Daily Pics 2020…#45.

Good morning once again from the frigid north!  However, it is going to get milder today and on the weekend, so hopefully we are done with this brutal cold of the last few days.  Nothing like getting a fresh blast of cabin fever!  That’s probably why Muffin goes so crazy in the morning these days.  And in the afternoon too for that matter.  But the sun has been shining so beautifully for most of the week and that is always a plus, even if the temps are minus.  The sun shines in through the windows giving everything inside a nice golden glow.  Even the plants and flowers take on a new look as the sun’s rays gently touch their leaves and flowers.  Muffin follows the sun around the room enjoying the extra warmth provided.  I enjoy looking at the sun playing with the trees and birds outside as those golden beams of light land on the different surfaces and bringing out the colors of the birds making them sparkle.

But there’s nothing quite like the summer beauty of sunshine…


A nice sunny and warm late spring picture at one of our local area parks showing off some beautiful pink flowers on cherry trees.IMG_3802

And here we have a lovely cedar waxwing in the apple tree eating the petals off the flowers.

Both of these pics certainly give a nice sunshiny warmth to our cold weather and hopefully a nice sunny look even if your weather is already nice.  I hope you have enjoyed these pics, have a fabulous Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#45.

  1. Excellent photos of the flowers and the cedar waxwing bird…so this bird eats the petals of the flower…something new for me !

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  2. Enjoyed all your beautiful photos, Steve. It helps when it is cold outside. We have -30 F right now. The snow will remain until April or May in the Far North. The longer days of sunshine are so welcome. Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay warm!

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    • Thanks so much Glory! Yep, our snow often stays around until the end of April or even into May some years. The last 4 years was the end of April. Happy Valentine’s Day!😃😺☕☕

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