Daily Pics 2020…#47.

Good morning everyone on another cold morning!  Wow, that cold air moved in with such a blast of strong north wind yesterday, amazing how fast the temperature fell in 3 hours.  Just a reminder that winter is still around for a while yet.  Those bird feeders were really blowing around out there too.  Amazing that the birds were able to hold onto those plastic perches.  But there they sat munching away on the sunflower seeds like nothing was happening.  Just another day for them eating their favorite food.  Hmm, Muffin’s head just popped up when I typed food.  It’s like she knows.  I think that old cabin fever must be getting to me again too.  If I’m starting to think like that.  The joys of winter in Canada. 

So let’s head off to a different joy with some nice summer time pics…

Hydrangea 1

First we have these beautiful pink hydrangeas, this pic provided by my friend Ross from Italy. Such a wonderful bunch of large flower clusters!  Too bad we can’t grow these colored ones around here, just too cold for them.IMG_4358

And continuing over in Europe, here is a view from the Parc Phoenix in Nice from my vacation there last year.

Both show some nice summertime sunshine and warmth as well!  Thank you for taking a look today, I hope you all have a happy Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

53 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#47.

  1. Oh my god steve!!! I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers like the hydrangeas!!!! They are amazing!!!! Have a SUNNY day!!!

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  2. Just noticed that my reply did not go through…anyways, the pink Hydrangeas are gorgeous ! They come in blue as well…have a good rest both of you !😀😻🌸🌸🌸

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  3. Beautiful hydrangeas… Love its color, Muffin knows what you are typing 😉 be careful you type next time 😀 😀 have a beautiful day 😉

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  4. No Steve, No 🐻 bear with you. It’s not safe you know that right 🤔 Strange what you want a bear 🐻 with you 😳 Where is Muffin 🙀 She’ll will scared 🙄 Hope you both are safe … From 🐻✨👻

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    • Hi Simon! That’s good, gave me a laugh after a frustrating start to my day.😂😹 Had problems with my site this morning,😬 I worked at it for 25 minutes but got nowhere.🤔 I am not a technical person with computers.🙄🙄 So I contact the WP help, he worked at it for 45 minutes and finally got it working for me. Sigh. Very helpful help team they have, second time they helped me out.😀😀 For a while it looked like I might have to delete everything and start over!😲😳😬🙀😵😵 What a terrible thought!!😲😲😳😳Have a nice evening Simon!

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      • 😸Glad I made you laugh today 🤗☺️😄 These tech supporters are really good and they helped you for good. Appreciate the WP team.. So now you are Okay right? Don’t want a bear 🐻 right 🧐🤔 Now I know why you wanted a bear 😳 what you have in mind 🙀 Horribly.. okay let’s not talk about it. Enjoy blogging ✨😄🤗

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      • Stay away when having problems 🤔 Isn’t it the time to stay Back when we have a problem 😳 Sigh.. can’t understand these people ☺️😜👻 No one will leave you Steve 😋😄😁

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      • I’ll whisper this so no one hears, but I have already lost a lot of my regular supporters and readers since early January.😶🙄 Don’t tell anyone though.🤫🤫

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      • For real 🙄 Yeah that wouldve happened, reality really sucks 🤸 Time to be grateful with what you have ☺️ can’t beleive anyone these days, can’t beleive on myself either👻 anyway I wil keep it as whisper ✨

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      • Really 🤔, Steve, we can’t satisfy everyone. Whoever wants stays with us, people taste change everytime. If we start living to satisfy others, we can never fulfill our life 😄 You make good posts and specially on a pattern. ☺️🤗 whatever you post, I am always there. It doesn’t bore me yet. ☺️ Ask whoever said, which part they didn’t like. None of it boring to me 🧐

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      • Thank you Simon! You are really making my morning brighter!😀🌞 You’re right, people change over time. Just keep on writing the way I do, really, this is the only way I know to write!😁✍ Thanks again Have a wonderful evening Simon! We just got 8cm more snow overnight.😭 And I can’t get hold of the person who is supposed to shovel this for me.😕 What to do?🤔🙄

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      • Glad I could help you Steve ✨🤗 Write the way you wanted ✨☺️🤗 It’s your blog. 😄. What 😳🧐 8cm snow? 🥶 You really want to go out? And shovel 🤔 Why don’t you leave it as it is 😳☺️ that’s a good idea isn’t it 😁

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      • Yep, I finally got hold of the guy that is shoveling snow for me and he will be here shortly.😀😀 So I won’t touch it. 😀Nope, Not me.🙄 Not this time.🤪 I’m staying safe now.😜 I hope.🤔😛🤪🙄

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      • They should probably stick a notice on your door, Shovel is injurious to your back ✨😋😜 Stay Safe and Warm✨☺️

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