Daily Pics 2020…#48.

Good Monday morning everyone!  It’s cloudy with a little light snow this morning.  Poor Muffin is sitting at the window looking rather dejected.  She even gave one of her big sighs a couple minutes ago.  She really does do that, and not just in our story!  I don’t think she liked seeing more snow coming down.  Or maybe it’s just due to being Monday morning.  So I got her going with some toys and wow, did she get running wildly around here!  Sometimes she gets going and just sort of loses herself in the fun of the moment.  Up on the table she goes, sliding right across, past the kerosene lamp and right onto the chair, onto her scratching post and then the window sill, behind the drapes and out the other end onto her bed and up the other scratching post.  She stops momentarily then down and into the bedroom, flying over the bed onto the window sill and up on the insulator display shelves.  The across her bed and into her cave!  There she settles down before returning, feeling much better.  See?  Monday morning can be fun after all!

And now it’s time for more bright pics for us to enjoy today…

Hydrangea 2

Here we have a closer look at the beautiful pink hydrangeas from my friend Ross.  Can’t get much brighter than these flowers.IMG_4304

And once again such warm sunshine from my trip to France last year.  These cactus are not exactly tiny plants either, but they certainly make a person think warm.

There is our look at today’s pics, hopefully you have enjoyed them and maybe they will add some sunny rays to your Monday.  Happy Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#48.

  1. Cool pics steve!!!! Today i was so super lazy and tired!!!! I saw your posts so late!!!!

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  2. Steve, I was nearly out of breath as I tried to keep up with Muffin’s burst of energy. Sitting down with some coffee, I am letting the serenity of your pics bring me a quiet moment. Have a great week!

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    • Thank you so much Richard! So nice to see you this morning! I was having terrible problems with my site this morning, thought I might have to shut down for a while. But WP got things fixed for me. Thanks, Happy Monday!


  3. The delicate design of the hydrangea blooms are exquisite ! The cacti does suggest warmer temps !… Muffin obviously is having a good time !😻🙂

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  4. Hydrangeas looks so beautiful 😍 Warm? are you kidding with cactus? 🤔 ever hugged one cactus?🤔 was it warm enough? I heard it is soft and fluffy to hug and use it as a pillow, was that wrong. 😬😜😂 Enjoy the beautiful day Steve 💐🥳️✨

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    • Simon, did you hug a cactus?😲 Please tell me you didn’t do that.😬🏜 But I guess you got the “point” anyway!😂🙄 But cactus do mean warm, they don’t grow in cold places like this, only warm places. Nice and sunny now, but very cold here.🥶🙀⛄

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      • Ha ha ha no i didn’t 😜😂😂 Cactus we have a lot in my native place 😁 Got attacked by it when I played and fell on it when I was kid. 😄😄 Indeed it grows on warm places😉 Did you stay warm? 🤔 Hope u didn’t shovel and got ur pain 😳. stay warm and safe Steve and Muffin ✨🤗

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      • I did go out for a short time this afternoon, I had to fill up the bird feeders, my face nearly froze in that short time!🥶🥶That wind was just so cold! Supposed to be down to -35 tonight!😬😬🙀🙀 Too cold. I followed the rules today so didn’t hurt myself. I’m trying.🤪🙄

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      • Great, Bird feeders. 😊Hope you filled all the bird feeders. Ensure you keep yourself warm so that cold didn’t catch you 😉 🤒 Great that you follow your rules 😉 Keep doing it! Keep up! Have a beautiful day Steve😊

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      • Hi Simon! Hope you’re back home from work now. Don’t write and drive at the same time. It’s -36 this morning with just a light wind.🥶🙀 Too cold for this time of year, it should actually be a bit warmer, though not much.🙄 Good day to stay inside and drink coffee!!😋☕☕ Have a great evening Simon!😀😺🌙

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  5. Any day is a beautiful day Steve ✨🤗 But yours is a bit colder, Pls tell me which part of Antarctica you live in 🥶😜😄 no I don’t write like that, but I wrote something with a Golden pen 😁😁😁 don’t forget to Stop by Steve ✨🤗💐 Have a beautiful day ✨

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