20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 10.

This is not good Muffin, but it seems the only way out is to go down.  I think someone is trying to force us to go a certain direction.  Meow, meow!=Yes, so they can kill us in the torture chamber!  Stop worrying Muffin, we’ll be okay.  Now, back up on my shoulder so you can keep watch behind us.  Meow.=Okay.  I didn’t even know we could go this deep.  The stairway was short and led to another room with a low ceiling.  Nothing in the room at all except a lot of dust.  Obviously no one has been down here in a long time.  There are 3 doors in this room and no window.  This place is getting to be like a maze, I hope we don’t get lost.

The island and the palace to the right.

I open one door and it leads to another small room with no window or door besides this one.  But it does have more broken furniture.  Why would they carry broken furniture all the way down to this room?  It’s probably been here a hundred years or more.  Muffin and I poke around for a while anyway.  Okay Muffin, we better get going, I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling down here.  Meow!=About time!  Back on my should for you.  I open another door and there is a doorway leading up.  Perfect Muffin.  Meow.=Those stairs don’t look safe.  They are stone stairs and definitely crumbling a lot, but I think they are still solid enough Muffin.

The palace.

Up we go and they finally stop at a spot about 3 x 3 feet (nearly a square meter) in size. Hmm, this makes no sense, unless there used to be a door here and it was blocked off many years ago.  Muffin and I start to look around for any sign of a door and…AAAAA!!!, Meoooow!!  The floor was actually a trap door and it opened causing us to drop into some sort of pit with…4 skeletons!  Meow, meow! See, I told you we are going to die in here!  I must admit, the presence of skeletons is not very comforting, that could mean there is no way out of here.  With these thick stone walls no one would ever hear our calls for help, and perhaps no one wants to hear.

The island in the distance with rough waves on the lake.

Meow?  Why don’t I phone Rossana?  Um, well, I forgot to bring my phone.  How did you learn to roll your eyes like that Muffin?  Meow.=Practice.  I shouldn’t have asked.  Good thing we have our backpacks though.  I bring out my hammer and start tapping the walls.  Meow, meow?=Are you planning to knock down those stone walls with that little hammer?  I’m looking for a hollow, or weak spot Muffin, I should be able to tell by the sound.  Meow!=Look over here!  What did you find Muffin?  Hey, look at that, good girl Muffin!  Now we just need to find a way out of here.  Hey, a loose stone here.  I get out a chisel and start to slowly pry it out.  I just hope my flashlight lasts long enough, I should have put new batteries in it.

The island in the distance on the left on a calm evening.  All pics today, except my title pic, are from my friend Ross, thanks so much!

Finally I get the stone out and shine my flashlight through the opening.  Another room, and with stairs going up!  I guess these people were trying to dig their way out but didn’t make it.  After getting that first stone out of the way, it was fairly easy to get another one out.  That gave us just enough room to get through.  Muffin went first, then I pushed our backpacks through.  Muffin dragged them out of the way while I managed to squeeze through the opening.  There was nothing in the room but a few dusty boxes in one corner.  I decide not to check them, we both want to get out of here.  These stairs were very narrow and in really bad shape, but solid enough for us. 

But before heading up we put our backpacks on and I set up Muffin with her slingshot.  Up we go on these winding stairs until we come to a door, which was locked.  Time to go through those keys again and finally found the right one.  I cautiously open the door and…we are at the hallway where we came in!  We step into the hall and…Giuseppe!!

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 10.

  1. Waiting for the next chapter !…love the comaderie between you and Muffin !😺🙀🔎🔎🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

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  2. Wow, the whole chapter reading so interesting, I was expecting more, and there you end up with a question again. 🤔 Is that a question? “Giuseppe” What does that mean? he was dead, and then walked alive, what? is he dead again? or Is giuseppe threatening you ? 😱🙄 hmm lot of questions again. Eagerly waiting for next chapter. Have a beautiful day Steve and Muffin

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    • Yes indeed, what just happened? Is Giuseppe alive again?😲 He was dead. Is he going to kill us?😳 Does he have something to tell us?🤔 Is he a ghost now?👻 Is Muffin hungry? All this and more coming up! Glad to see you are still enjoying my little story, have a great day!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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      • 🙄 Seriously, you love asking questions don’t you 🤔🧐 U think about it a lot 😜😄😄 Yes, I’m eagerly waiting with all your questions 😁 Post it soon 😋

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      • I like those questions that’s true, just can’t help it! Chapter 11 is coming soon, tomorrow. That is my tomorrow which is your today because today is yesterday and today is also tomorrow and tomorrow is soon today which will be yesterday. I think.🤔🤔🙄🙄🤪😜😳🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️


      • Ha ha ha 😄😄😄Love it when you confuse me Steve 🥰 You are awesome ✨ Yes I’m waiting for it 😍 which is tomorrow, but yesterday for me which is a today for you. Wish the tomorrow comes sooner than my yesterday 😄👻

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      • Take your time Steve, 😉 A story will definitely have lot of rewrites 😀 then what fun without it 😉 Have fun writing 😀

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      • Yeah, there is always some rewriting, but not much, usually I just keep what I first write.😀✍ I’m now on my third rewrite for this chapter!😳😜 But it’s coming!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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  3. OOOOOOH!!!! It’s getting much more interesting!!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait for the next part!!!!!

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