20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 14.

There was just more narrow stairs, but going up this time which is nice.  I hope.  But what kind of crazy place is this anyway?  I couldn’t see all the way to the top this time as the stairs were winding their way up.  I’m glad we’re going up this time, said Sophia, it’s getting creepy in here.  Hmm, she seems to be genuinely scared right now.  I agree, it’s scary in here, added Rossana.  Meow!=I’m scared too!  Okay, I will admit, it would be nice to get out of here, but we are discovering some interesting things though, I said.  Meow, meow?=Like different ways to die?  Sometimes I’m glad the others can’t understand your meowing, I whisper to Muffin.  Up we go, but each step is so narrow in itself that it’s hard to keep our feet on them even going sideways.

Part of the island

As we get closer to the top I could see it was another dead end, and no sign of a hidden door.  Is there no way out of this place?, asks Sophia.  It’s getting hard to breathe this stale air, said Rossana.  She did have a point there, the air in here is definitely not good.  Muffin jumped off my shoulder onto the very top step and I guess the force of her landing on it caused a large stone to slide down again, giving us a way out of here.  Or does it?  I shine my flashlight through this opening.  Wow, look at the size of that spider Muffin!  Meow? Meow!=Spider? Good, playtime!  Off she goes and comes back rather quickly.  Meow.=Nice snack, safe to come in now.

The Palace.

This room is large than the last one and furnished as well.  There are candles around the room so I begin lighting them.  The air in here smells fresher, says Rossana, I feel a lot better already.  I was starting to get claustrophobia, she added.  It was starting to affect me too, said Sophia, it’s like I can breathe again.  There isn’t much air in those passageways deliberately so enemies trying to get through would be trapped and suffocate.  Why is the air good in here?, asks Sophia.  Just like the last room, up in those 2 corners by the ceiling is small iron grates where fresh air comes in.  Otherwise it would be deadly to burn candles in here.  Then this must be an outside wall, says Rossana.  Possibly, but that doesn’t really help us.

The Island

Does this mean we are at the end and now trapped here?, asks Sophia.  Quite likely, I said, but let’s look around for another door anyway.  We looked for about 2 hours and found no sign of a door.  Then we looked through everything looking for the jewels.  Again we came up empty-handed.  We did bring food and water with us so we ate some and decided to have a nap.  The girls took the larger bed and Muffin and I were on the smaller one.  But I couldn’t sleep, I just kept thinking about how we could get out of here. The girls and Muffin fell asleep quickly enough though.  After about half an hour Muffin was awake and looking around again.  She went up and joined the girls for a bit then came back to me.  Hmm, what’s this?  Good girl, I whisper to Muffin.

Boat on the Mediterranean Sea near Nice.

Off she goes again, longer this time, then comes back and whispers a couple meows to me.  I get up and follow her.  She went under a beautiful old dresser, one I wish I could take home with me.  I shine my flashlight underneath and, what’s this?  Muffin, you are doing fantastic today, I whisper to her.  I start looking for a stone, this woke up the girls and they sat watching me.  I open the door of a cabinet that was close to the opening we came in.  Hmm, no back to this thing.  I shine my flashlight in and there it is.

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 14.

  1. Wow another suspense 😄😁 Steve you are just rocking ✨👌 Love this part of yours, Muffin did helped you and this time it should not be another stairs I hope ☺️ How was last night? Hope your day has started warm ✨👌 Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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    • It’s a bit colder today, it was -17 this morning and will be colder the next couple days.😳 But then it gets milder for the weekend. 😃Glad you are enjoying this, just wait until the next chapter which should be out in about an hour or so.😄🙄😳 Hope you are enjoying your trip!🙂😜🤪🚂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Are you teasing me 😼😹 I sure am enjoying the trip 🙄 can’t sleep, snoring sounds, train is shaking 🧐 I sure am having fun. I should not complain, but I badly needed to sleep 🙄 I have meetings over there tomorrow 🤔 Wish I could stay awake while talking 😸😂 why is cold again 🙄 -17 🥶 oops… But I’m on my way to a warmer climate 😁 Wish I should not burn myself ✨😉 Have a beautiful day ✨

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      • Would I tease you?😂😹🙄It’s still winter, have to expect some colder weather for a while yet.🥶🙀 Our spring forecast for March, April and May is for colder than normal temps and snow into April again.😬🌨❄ Oh well, I hope they are wrong with that. You should try to sleep.🙄😴 Pretend you’re in a boat and it’s gently rocking in the waves. Maybe that will help you sleep.🤔🤪😴

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      • Now you are really teasing 😹😂😂😂 I’m afraid of water, and if I imagine that, I am sure not going to sleep 😹😸 why the weather is not kind at all 🧐🧐🧐 Wish the projections are wrong about the weather 🤔 always prepared for the worst while traveling, I expected this tonight 😳🙄 Just patting myself to imagine I have a full insomnia today 😹😁

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      • Muffin is still standing by her forecast of an early spring. So I go with her.😺😸 You don’t like water? 🤔Then forget the waves. Close your eyes and pretend your on a tropical island,😀🏝 lying under a large palm tree with waves crashing on the beach and no one around.😲🌊

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      • Ha ha that sounds relaxing, you know what, I am trying since 9 pm🙄 now it’s 12 am 😵 it’s not new ☺️ I’ll keep trying, at least like you said I’ll close my eyes, pretend I’m sleeping 😁😁

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      • Ha ha, Sure Steve I’ll stick with your words let me try for next few hours 🙄Wish I could sleep at least an hour. Your blog will make me read and stay awake fresh.. you are such a wonderful writer Steve✨😉


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