20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 18.

Well, look at this, map of this crazy maze of rooms and passageways.  Muffin, you will be getting a big bonus for all your help on this.  Meow, meow?=New bed I wanted?  Yes, and new play structure too.  Meow!!=Wheehee!!  What is that crazy cat meowing about now, demanded Sophia!  Maybe you should stick your head in that sewer hole over there, suggested Rossana.  Meow, meow!=That funny, giggle.  How did you learn to giggle like that?, I ask.  Meow=Practice.  Naturally.  You should be thanking Muffin Sophia, she just may have found a way out of this maze.  Then let’s leave, she said.  It’s not that easy, I need to figure out this map.  I get up and spread it on the table so we can all see it.  Muffin jumps up too.IMG_0308

Does that stupid cat need to be around all the time?, asks Sophia.  Meow, meow.=One bite, let me have one bite.  Not now Muffin.  Meow=Okay, later.  Hmm, I wonder.  I went over and pushed that one stone again.  Sure enough the air vents started working again so we had our fresh air back at least.  It’s a trap, if the wrong people got in here and found anything, they wouldn’t be getting back out.  You found the jewels, yelled Sophia as she started towards me.  Stop, I said, Muffin is ready.  She looks at Muffin who was all ready to use her slingshot.  I could really see Sophia’s hatred for Muffin at that moment.  She will definitely need to be watched closely from now on.  I decide to light the candles again since our fresh air has been restored.  At least it looks and feels better with the candlelight.

Gray jay.

Oddly, this map seems to only show how to get to this room, not how to get out.  But there must be a way.  Hmm, there seems to be part of the map missing.  I ask Muffin to show me where she found it.  It had been stuck to the bottom of a low shelf.  That shelf is only about 2 feet (60cm) off the floor, kind of low, I wonder why?  I wish I had brought my phone, says Rossana.  I brought mine, but someone stole it, yelled Sophia.  Hmm, I wonder who that could have been?, I said.  Meow.=You told me.  Yes, I know I did.  And you tossed it down a sewer hole too, said Sophia angrily.  You should be nicer and up front about things and you wouldn’t have lost it, I said.  I have mine, but, the battery is dead.  Meow, meow.=Can’t help it, mouse game fun.

Male downy woodpecker in apple tree.

Hmm, what’s that marked on the map?  I start shining my flashlight around the room.  Could it be?  I hold Muffin up to the ceiling right at the wall.  Can you get it Muffin?  Meow.=Yep.  Sure enough, out popped a small iron rod about 2 feet long.  I noticed a small round hole on the wall under that low shelf before and I was right, the rod fit perfectly in that hole.  I push it all the way in and another large stone slid down.  I shine my flashlight in and it’s just a tunnel, only big enough to crawl in, and it seems to turn to the right a little ways in.  Ready to do some crawling everyone?  Anything to get out of here, said Sophia.  That’s so small and tight, said Rossana, I don’t know if I can do it.  You can do it, I said.  I’ll go first, you follow along with Muffin and Sophia goes last.  Hey, I don’t like that arrangement, yells Sophia!

Pine siskin in apple tree.

Too bad, then stay here, I said, you’re lucky I’m willing to take you with us.  So off we go.  We had to basically slide along on our stomachs, while I pushed my backpack in front of me.  It’s definitely a tight fit in here.  Muffin starts purring and rubbing her head against Rossana’s head.  I guess Rossana is starting to feel the pressure.  Must admit, I don’t like it much either.  When we get to the spot where the tunnel turns, that stone behind us closed.  Guess we don’t turn back.  But as we turn there is a larger spot where we can sit and relax a bit before continuing.  Oddly the air is not too bad in here yet.  Once all of us are sitting in that spot suddenly iron grates slam shut before and behind us.  Trapped!

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

112 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 18.

    • Problem is, it didn’t show that we would get trapped in there. But, there must be a way out, there must be! This is a weird place. Thanks for reading Chrissy!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️☕

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  1. I’m beginning to agree with Muffin!😸🤠 You should get out of there ss soon as you can!! One of these times you’re gonna get trapped with the spiders for good!🕷🕸

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  2. Yikes ! I would never be able to go through small tunnels ! I would die for sure !🕵️‍♂️☕️☕️🙁

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  3. 🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱 This trap game, shew, how are you going to manage and get out of it? I could remember an old classic novel, where the hero gets stuck under a secret passage to get out, He got the way in two episodes 😂😂 Looking forward for a surprise, Im sure you won’t disappoint us with another exciting part 😉

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    • Terrible isn’t it?😀 Just 2 episodes to get out?😲 Where’s the fun in that?🤔🙄 I like to drag it out a bit.😁 After all, we’re just about at…wait, can’t say anymore right now.😬 How do we get out of this one?🤔 How long will the air last for us?😬 Can I break that iron grate with my little hammer?😜 How can we survive without coffee?😳😳☕☕ All this and more in chapter 19 coming out tomorrow which will be yesterday for you but it’s tomorrow for me but it will be today when I do it tomorrow on yesterday.😵😛 What is Sophia thinking?🤔 Should I leave her behind?😸 Should I let Muffin bite her?😾 All these questions.😂😹🤪🙄

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      • Forget to tell you, you should let Muffin have a bite😸😸😸 Where is fun? If we don’t drag it 😜 let it go with suspense ☺️ I have read 3 books only to reveal the suspense 😂 That was the longest I’ve read so far 😸 🤸 I would be glad to read it tomorrow, which is your yesterday, I mean my 🙄 what🤔 forget it 😋 I’m confused, time for bed ☺️😉 have a beautiful day✨💐

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      • Yes, Muffin really wants to bite Sophia,🤔 maybe she will,😺 or not.😂😹But excitement continues in the next chapter. It will be out tomorrow today yesterday! Have a good night Simon!😁😸🌙🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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      • Wish we were Tardigrades 😂 Only species that survives anywhere even in space 😂 So that we can stay in South pole and switch between all time zones 😸 yesterday, today, tomorrow 😄

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      • Yep, love those Tardigrades! 😁 Amazing little critters. Kind of slow moving though.🤔 Think how much it would cost to buy 6 pairs of shoes all the time!😂😹🙄


      • 😂😂😂 I never thought about it 😂😂😂😄 That’s going to be pricey each time we go for shopping 😜 Plus we can save on other stuff no need to buy jackets ☺️😉

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    • Yes indeed, we’re in our worst position yet! Will we ever get out? What is Sophia up to? How long will our air last? Can we survive without coffee? More fun to come…tomorrow! Thanks for reading!😁😸☕☕🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️


    • Isn’t it just great? That was an amazing place, one trap after another. But, only 2 chapters to go! You’ll love the last one. The next story is much different.

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