Daily Pics 2020 #63.

Sir George, the herring gull. He should be back sometime this month.

Good morning everyone!  It’s a nice morning, cloudy but not too cold and a few snowflakes drifting down.  Muffin was up early this morning, seems to have a bit more energy than normal.  Guess she must have slept most of the night, that always does it.  March, the month when spring seems to be so close and yet so far away.  Muffin has been wanting the inside door open, she likes to sit on a chair by the screen door and look outside, waiting for chipmunks.  I told her it’s still too early yet.  She hasn’t been too happy about that.  She wants that door open.  I say no.  I won the argument.  But my feet are complaining.  This will continue most of the month I’m sure, or until the warmer weather arrives.  And stays.

Here are today’s bright and sunny pics to enjoy…


What can be brighter and sunnier than this male goldfinch?  I have noticed many of the winter goldfinches are starting to get their spring colors.  Still a long ways to go yet, mostly it’s the wings that are getting their black and white markings and the yellow is starting to show up more too.IMG_3487

Even the female goldfinch is quite bright and sunny too.  There we have our pics for the day, hopefully you enjoyed them.  I hope your day is nice and sunny!  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

24 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020 #63.

  1. How did you even figure out which is a male and female? The herring gul and gold finch both of them are beautiful, all I see is a piece of flesh with feathers, can’t see gender, absolutely NO 😉 😛 Have a beautiful day Steve! Take care 🤗😊

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    • Goldfinches are easy, they’re different colors, gulls are harder since they are identical in color. But when nesting, the female disappears, male stays around so I learned some characteristics of the male that allow me to tell them apart. Like the chickadees, they too are identical, but when they land on my hand I can tell right away which is male and female just by the way they land. Took me a few years while studying birds to figure out these differences so I could tell them apart. Have a great evening Simon!😃😺🌙☕ Snowing here, 3cm only, but still snowing.😬🌨☃❄

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      • Snowing 🤔 It never stops 😳 How about making a wild fire 🤔😜 That is so beautiful to spot the differences, You did studied yes you have told us before ✨😉 Plus you were working on something related to it isn’t it 🤔😉 Hope you got your appointments fixed to recover from your pains ✨😉 Don’t forget to workout stay Safe Steve ✨🤗

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      • Yep, that’s winter around here, snow, snow and more snow.😁🌨☃❄ In between snow it’s cold. More snow coming tomorrow and on the weekend. Had my x-rays done this morning,💀👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ yes, still doing my workout and walking too. I’m up to 1600 feet in my walking. That’s about 488meters.😀🚶‍♂️🎺👍

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      • That’s sounds good 😉 winter freezing everything right? How about drinking water and underground water 🤔 Keep walking Steve and practice your workouts so u can stay safe 🤗💐

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      • Deep underground water is safe.🙂 Drinking water pipes often freeze because they are not that deep, too much rock around here to put them deep. And frost will go down 6 to 8 feet. (2 1/2 meters)😬

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      • I was imagining you cutting pieces of ice and heating it up to drink 🙄😜 too wild to think 😂😂 Thanks Steve ✨ now I got it 😉

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      • It feels like it does. But actually the river never freezes no matter how cold it gets and parts of the lake are the same way, always ice free.😁🤔

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      • It’s because of the current in the lake and river, it’s so strong the water can’t freeze. It is odd to have -40 and water that doesn’t freeze.🤔😳😳

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      • Oh the currents, now I got it. It took me a time to realise why I was not getting shocked with the current 😳😂😜 Indeed the current in sea water is so strong that it can’t actually freeze water, but I did saw some pictures near by beach with lot of snow’s instead of sand 😋 Amazing place to live.☺️ I think it’s time for bed Steve 🤗 Good Night ✨😸

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  2. The gold finches are strikingly bright and beautiful ! So Muffin is quite active today…well, send her energy to me…I need it !😺☕️☕️🍰🍰🍓🍓🌹

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    • I wish I could share her energy too. But since this morning she has been mostly sleeping. Guess she wore herself out.😂😹☕☕


  3. Hi ! I like Sir George the herring gull. We have a gull named Scott who has been coming to our backyard on the sea every Spring since 2017.
    She is back again this year looking for treats. I like your blog ! 😁

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    • Hi Sally and welcome to Steve’s Country! Your gull comes back early. Sir George started coming around to my bird feeder 4 years ago, with his mate, Lady Pearl. Now there are 5 of them but the other 3 are not too tame yet. It’s comical to see Sir George and Lady Pearl on the feeder together, they fill it up!
      Hope you continue to like it here!😁😸

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