20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 19.

{Just before we continue with our story I would like to remind everyone that if you have missed any chapters to this, or the previous, story in this series, go to my homepage and look under the heading “20/20 Investigations, Inc” and you will find links to all of the chapters.  Thank you so much for reading!}

When these iron grates crashed down poor Rossana fainted and Sophia started screaming hysterically.  I reached over and gave Sophia a good hard slap.  She was stunned, but it did actually stop her screaming.  Wasn’t sure if that would actually work, but was she ever filled with anger at that point.  However, she stayed quiet which was good.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to think with her screaming like that.  Muffin, see if you can wake up Rossana.  Meow.=Okay.  She goes over and pushes Rossana’s nose with her paw a few times and Rossana slowly revived.  It worked, I wonder how she knew to do that?  Is that why I keep waking up at night?IMG_0513 - Copy 

I start looking around, I need to work fast or both of them will be screaming.  I don’t think I could handle that.  Why did I bring them along in the first place?  Meow, meow.=Work fast, don’t like loud screaming.  I whisper to Muffin, she does that little giggle again.  Not sure how she learned to do that either.  Hey, look at this, another small hole, but I haven’t seen any iron bars around here.  Maybe I should have brought the other one along.  Sigh.  Meow!=Over here!  I shine my flashlight in the tunnel ahead of us and there is another iron bar in a groove in the wall.  But I can’t reach it.  Can you get it Muffin?  Meow, meow.=Yes, take off backpack, which I do.  She squeezes through the bars on the grate and just manages to pull the iron bar out of it’s groove so it falls on the floor of the tunnel.  I can reach it now.Palace island 3

I put her backpack on again and push the bar into the hole.  I was expecting the iron grate to open but instead another stone slides down revealing another tunnel.  This is some wacky place, must have had a fun time building it.  This tunnel has a slight upwards slope to it which will make things a bit tougher, but it’s the only way to go right now.  Well, let’s go everyone.  Poor Rossana looked like she was ready to faint again.  Hopefully she doesn’t faint inside the tunnel, that would make things a bit hard.  In we go and upward.  Hmm, the upward slope seems steeper than it looked, definitely not easy pulling ourselves along on our stomachs.  Then I noticed the tunnel has started curving it’s way upward like a spiral staircase but not quite so dramatic, and it’s getting steeper all the time.IMG_0449

Sophia calls out, I can’t do this, I need a rest!  I need to rest too, says Rossana.  Okay, we’ll stop for a bit.  I didn’t want to say anything, but I noticed the tunnel is also getting smaller and that’s not good.  I ask Muffin to go ahead and check things for us while we rest.  Don’t go too far though, I say to her.  Meow.=Okay.  Off she goes and disappears quickly from view.  I’m a bit worried about the tunnel getting too small, my backpack barely fits now.  Muffin is staying away too long, I hope she’s okay.  Finally, after nearly 10 minutes, she returns.  What took you so long Muffin? IMG_0456

Meow, meow.=Tunnel long, stops going up soon though.   Meow, meow.=Another dead end coming too.  Meow, meow.=At top is small room to sit, then tunnel level after that.  Meow, meow=But tunnel very small.  Will my backpack fit?  Muffin looks it over very carefully.  Meow, meow.=Hard to say, maybe rearrange it at room ahead.  Not far.  Okay, good girl Muffin, I give her some petting and she purrs and rubs her head on my cheek.  Now go stay with Rossana again, she looked like she was close to panicking.  Well, what is that stupid cat meowing about now?, yelled Sophia.  Meow!=I go bite?  Not now Muffin, and stop sighing like that.

To be continued to Chapter 20: The Conclusion.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.



52 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 19.

    • Thanks Nina, all but the top from Rossana, one of the people in my story. Any haunted houses out your way? I need a subject for my next story in this series.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh well. Any large abandoned places? Basically I’m looking for a description of a place on which to base my story. Hmm, maybe I could find an old ghost town somewhere. Not a bad thought, hard to find though.🤔🤔


      • Yeah—they are scary. Don’t know who or what you would find….
        We did actually look at an old abandoned house. Gorgeous dark oak floor in the main salon—craftsman style. It was soooo creepy what had happened there and the folks who were selling it—they way they left it. Yikes! The Livingston Manor.

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      • So our friend was interested in buying this old house—thought he would get a “great deal” on it. Yeah. Sure. He would fix it up and move the whole family in.

        It’s an old elegant home at the top of Livingston Rd—on a big horseshoe shaped driveway. Four bedroom five bath. Massive stone fireplaces. Needed a ton of work—this old home was crazy…crazy crazy. The couple that was selling the home had also planned to remodel and turn it into a B&B. They split—left the place—in a hurry. That is what was so creepy!

        Imagine this—they converted the attic space into the kids room. How cool right? A huge space for the kids to run around like crazy…but they left it in such a rush that kids toys, clothes, drawings—everything just left in a such a state. Creepy. Why? Who knows. Other odd things too. The old antique stove was sold off. Other original fixtures too. Basically anything of value they could sell was sold off—which was truly a pity—cause it was a really cool old home. My favorite room was the sunroom off the kitchen with French windows and doors. Bright and sunny yellow. The upstairs master bathroom must have had a bad leak—there was a big gaping hole in the floor you could see downstairs.

        They must had some parties there back in the day out on the veranda overlooking the pool and gardens. A crumbling tangled mess of rocks and vines. Something from a long gone “Gatsby” gold rush era.

        But that’s all I know about it. Our friend didn’t buy it. It was interesting, but also sad too. Type into your search engine “old abandoned home” and see what comes up—I just did. Wow! Super creepy cool…


  1. This story seems to have a lot of life lessons in it! Sometimes you get stuck, but if you stay calm and focused on your goal you can overcome anything that comes up! Good job Steve!! and you too Muffin! Keep moving forward!🕵️‍♂️😸

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  2. Like the pics Steve !…very interesting…now for the conclusion ! Good lesson on patience…at least for me !😺☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️🍪🍪☕️☕️

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  3. Why soon to a conclusion 🤔 hmm something you found isn’t it 😸😉 so what was that 🤔 May be a room that had the jewels or muffin found something and you both are keeping it as secret, whatever muffin told you Is different I think, and that’s where things started to heat up.,😄 Great Steve, great going ✨🤗👌

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes it’s important not to make a story too long. Or people will get tired of it and stop reading. Did we find the jewels?💍👑💎 Are Rossana and Sophia working together to steal the jewels?👩‍🦰👩‍🦱 Does Sophia get her revenge?🙀☠ Do I leave her behind?🤔🤣😹 Is this truly the end?🙄🙄 Will I ever stop asking questions?🤔🤔 Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion coming tomorrow!😳🙀🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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      • So excited for the conclusion 🥰😍 You’ll never stop asking questions 😂😂 We knew it. I wish Muffin should not leave her, there is something Sophia is hiding 😳 Muffin will take care of her😉😁 It’s okay for a quick conclusion, as you said we should not drag a story ✨👌✨ I’ll also need to follow that ☺️

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      • Almost finished writing the final chapter. Had to rewrite some of it, just wasn’t coming out right. Much better this way. Hope you enjoy it!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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  4. I love Muffin’s last word for Sophia 😀
    She giggles because Muffin is becoming more human each day 😹
    And that slap is a job well done.👍😁

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