Daily Pics 2020, #74.

Apple blossoms.

Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone!  It is a bit chilly out there again this morning with a temp of -18C (0F).  I went shopping yesterday.  Wow, that was crazy.  People were out buying everything they could get their hands on.  Shelves were bare, especially certain shelves.  People coughing and sneezing all over the place.  I couldn’t even find cleaning supplies.  One guy had a cart overflowing with paper towels.  This stuff wasn’t on sale, people were just panicking.  Oddly, people were not buying a lot of food, just other stuff.  They don’t want to eat?  So I was able to buy food anyway.  It’s going to be a bit hard to finish my cleaning however.  Sigh.  Hopefully the store will get more in stock one of these days.

But on a more cheery note, let’s look at some bright and beautiful flowers…


Starting off with this “Canada anemone” which is a nice bright white and looks great with a background of greenery.IMG_5001

And here we have an equally bright “fringed loosestrife” which grows on the hill behind my apartment.  Well, I hope you like this bright addition to your day.  I thought a bit of cheery brightness would be good these days.  So although some of the pics will be of the same types of flowers used before, I will try to use pics taken from a different angle.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #74.

  1. Fringed loosestrife, is so beautiful, I’ve never seen a flower in this color ✨😍So beautiful. Back to minus degree climate 🙄 Sigh.. where is global getting warm, it’s always cold 😸. Also, people are at panic stage, very much panic. I have no idea why they buy so much of spirit, hand sanitizer, and tissues. Too much panicked 🙄. Oh this corona 🙄🤔 Let me kill you 😎 Why don’t you show up? Can I hav muffins help, this one seems a little tough to fight alone 😄

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    • Hey Simon! Yes, it is a beautiful flower and usually hard to find, so having it right on the hill here is so very nice. I know, it’s getting so weird. The virus isn’t even in our town and people are already panicking.😬 What will it be like when the virus actually comes here?🤔 People will start fighting to get stuff.😠😦 It’s terrible. Sorry, I need Muffin’s help, she can’t go anywhere!😂😹 Have a great weekend!😃😺🌞🌴

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      • It’s okay Steve, keep the Muffin with you 😸 But the earth needs a break, let these people stay at home for a 15 days, let the earth recover from all the shits we did. I’m sure 15 days is not enough. But people are really panic with something that isn’t even powerful as a flu 🙄😳 Strange 🤔

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      • It’s because it’s something new and then social media gets hold of it and starts circulating a lot of wrong information which causes all these problems. It’s just crazy. Doctors say wash your hands properly and you’re okay, but social media says different and who do people believe?🤔 Not the doctors.🙄 So they panic.😲 It’s just craziness.😵 And it’s going to hurt our world economy so bad it will take a very long time to recover again.😕 All because of panic.😬 Oh well. Can’t stop it I guess. Stay safe, don’t panic.🙂🌞😺

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      • Precise point Steve, Actually this is the first time this modern generation facing a big diesease, and our already panic society is even more panic, thanks to all social media people who worked their last breath to create fear among people 😂. I don’t panic, I never read news 😉

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      • Yes, there are a lot of negative people around who are always in fear about something and so they try hard to get others in fear too.🙄😳 So strange. I read news, but I don’t panic.😁 No point in panicking, what does it do to help?🤔 Nothing.🤪🙄

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  2. Gorgeous flowers Steve ! By the way, you can use vinegar with water to keep things clean !🦋🦋☕️☕️🌸🌸🥓

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