Nature’s Art #31.

Hello everyone on this chilly Saturday.  I hope you are feeling well today and not too worried over all this coronavirus fears that seem to abound right now.  People are afraid, worried and panicking even when this virus hasn’t even come to their community.  Like here.  No virus detected here yet, but people are already in panic mode.  But really, all we need to do is use some common sense about this.  People are buying stuff at stores like they won’t be able to go out again for the rest of the year.  People are pushing and shoving, trying to get the most they can before someone else does.  I think people need to calm down a bit and think logically about this.  Panic doesn’t help anything, just makes things worse, and it causes more stress in people’s lives.  Time to slow down.  We do need to take precautions, but what is going on right now is just crazy.

So let’s sit back and enjoy some of nature’s beauty I found out here on Thursday…


We had ice fog the other night and it produced some beautiful frost on everything so I am sharing some pics I took that morning.  It was actually quite beautiful that morning.IMG_2722

This was a branch on my landlord’s walnut tree, the whole tree looked like this.IMG_2740

So here we have all the beauty to look at, so much better than worrying and stressing about things.  I hope you enjoy this little look at art in nature once again.  Have a great weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Nature’s Art #31.

  1. What beautiful pics of the ice fog crystals on the branches ! Actually breath- taking ! Sleep well tonight, Steve and Muffin !😻❄️❄️☕️☕️

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  2. We are not going to have flood 🙄 when these people going to realise that. None of the production is on hold world is stil running and here our panic maniacs are behaving strange like the world has come to an end. It’s funny to read all the prophecy of Authors and religious statements. 🙄😜 We’ll keep talking about it. Having fun in a way 😂😂😜 Ice fog? Like a fog one? For real 😳 wow look at its beauty 😍🥰 What will happen if someone gets stuck in this fog😳 too scary to remember. Hope you are a bit warm today. Summer is having fun here 😁 corona is dying, I found the corona cure here, turn off the coolers, the temperature is above 40 C every where and corona dies at this temp ☺️

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    • You have it at 40??????????????😲😲 I thought it was nicer here this morning at -12C.🤔 Now I feel cold again.🥶 Yep, the government here is trying to tell me not to panic buy, there is no shortage of food or other things, just shop normally.🙂 Do people listen? No. Some stores are starting to limit quantities of things now.🙄 It’s weird.😕 I still need to get some food but I hate to go back to the store and face those mobs again!😬 Oh well. People are strange critters at times.😂😹🌞

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      • Yup 😋 it’s 40. Hey, I can kill Corona though 😉 no wonder why people get it tested negative after coming here 😜😂. Here government is giving lot of offers, but the private companies wanted our employees to be safe and they say they are safer inside the office, so it is mandatory I should be in office cabin 😕 every day 🙄. Crazy corporates here 😋😜. Production is still happening and they will get the products very soon, but they are panic and got no patience 🤔. Strange world ✨ we should think about shifting to Mars Steve 😉

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      • Wow, 40, that sounds soooooooooo nice to me.🌞🌞😎🌞🌞🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 Like when I was in France.😁 Everyone saying it was so hot, me saying it was just nice.😀 I turned off the air conditioner in my room, opened the window and let the heat in!!!🌞🌞🌞🌴 I like the Mars idea, all the people would be sensible then!😂😹

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      • Wow France is almost like my place 😍 I should think about shifting to France then 😉 you must have had a very good time at france 😎 Mars is the perfect choice 😉

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      • Yes indeed, I really did enjoy France, I could live there very easily. Yep, Mars has it’s good points. Muffin wants to know if there’s mice on Mars.😂😹🐀🐀

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      • Oh sure, why not, if mice didn’t exist, we will make them exist 😉 steal a box full of baby rats from China 😏😄😜 they eat it, we will grow it 😉

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      • Ha ha ha😄😄😄 Hope your Sunday is fun 😉 I happened to see my blacky baby 3 cute little kittens so adorable 🥰 my brother’s kids didn’t want to let them roam outside 😉 so beautiful to watch. Time to cook my breakfast 🙄

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      • Hey, 3 kittens, how nice!😺😸😻 Yes, it was a good day, tired now though, I should be going to bed.🙄🙄😴 Enjoy your breakfast!🥞🧇☕☕

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  3. You’re right, Steve, panic just makes things worse. What’s with people buying up all the toilet paper! Good grief! 😬😬🧻🧻🧻🧻

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    • I know, just crazy. If people would just take normal precautions that’s all that’s needed. I guess people expect to be locked in their house for months or something. We had several fights in our Walmart store on Thursday, needed to call the police. Fighting over toilet paper and cleaning supplies! Amazing. Have a nice afternoon Eugenia!😃😺☕☕

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