Daily Pics 2020, #75.

Peony bud, with ant.

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone!  How are you today?  I hope you woke up with a smile and ready to jump into a brand new day.  Not quite so cold this morning, light clouds have arrived.  The moon is barely shining through those clouds.  I’m waiting to get a pic of the moon at a particular phase, but time is running out for that once again. Sigh.  I keep trying each month and each month it’s cloudy on the only days I can get the moon at just the right size that I am looking for.  I have pics of the moon at many different phases from beginning to…almost the end.  That’s the one I need.  I still have time to wait, but, the moon is sinking lower all the time and there is only a small time that I can get it in just the right location for what I want. But there’s a couple days to go yet, so hopefully this time I can do it.  Or wait until next month and try again.

Pictures of flowers are much easier to get sometimes and here are some for today…


These are a very delicate pink color of yarrow, found both as a wild form and garden variety.  See if you can find the tiny fly on this flower.IMG_4351

And here we have an old fashioned garden variety flower called bleeding hearts.  Don’t see them much in gardens anymore but a variety found in grandma’s garden for sure.  I hope you like these pics chosen for you today, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #75.

  1. Love the flowers ! I found the fly !…the yarrow is especially nice !😻☕️☕️🍩🍩☕️☕️

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  2. Wow✨ Bleeding heart is so beautiful 😍🥰 and look at that flower ☺️ I could hardly remember something like that one here 🙄 🤔 I’m having a headache, looks like I should stop trying to use my brain. It needs some restoration 🤔😕 😜 Have a beautiful day Steve & Muffin 😸✨

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    • Glad you enjoyed them Simon!🙂📷 Don’t get headaches, it means you’re thinking too much.🤔🙄 Time to relax more.🤪 If you can.🙄 Hope you have a nice evening!😁😸🌙 Is your wife still away?🤔

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      • Hi Steve, Good Evening to you and Muffin 😉😸💐 Yes my wife is away for an year, we are planning for a baby in an artificial way, she needs to stay back at her place for regular doctor visits. Yes I’m thinking too much and I have sleeping issues 🙄 my sleeping time is reducing Steve 😕 I’m happy that I get some good time to think too much, but not happy as I sleep too Much on office hours 😄😜

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      • Wow, a whole year!😳 I’ve got it, stop thinking so much and you’ll sleep better.😁😁 Or have you thought of that one already?🤔 No, no, Simon.😾 You should be sleeping more, not less.😴🙂 You’re getting things backwards.😬 Stop worrying so much and don’t say you’re not.🙃 I think.😕 Look who’s talking. I think all the time and it puts me to sleep.🤔🙄😴 Guess my thinking thoughts are boring.😂😹

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      • Are you saying I worry 🤔🙄Maybe maybe not, I talk with her all the time with this video call thing, maybe I’m still thinking at night, 🙄 I should stop doing that☺️ Thanks Steve, I think I should work on that part, whatever you said might be True 😉 let’s not think too much about it now 😳 I don’t want to lose another day sleep thinking again 😸. You have beautiful thinking and that’s why it relaxes you, I should learn that trick from you ☺️

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      • Me say that?😲 Would I say such a thing?😬 Well, maybe just a little.😁🙄 hehe.😄 All in fun though.🙂 Beautiful thinking?🤔 Hmm, well, I think of beautiful things, but sometimes my thinking is boring😳 and sometimes I think about thinking about why I’m thinking.🤔😬😵 Which is confusing. Sigh. Oh well, time for bed, have a great day Simon!😃😺🌞🌙😴

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      • Ha ha ha ofcourse Steve, all is for fun 😜 Time for home workout as the gym is in leave 😁 Yes you think beautiful even though it is thinking about why you thinking 😂😜 Have a peaceful night Steve ✨💐

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