Daily Pics 2020, #76.

Some nice flowers from Italy supplied by my friend Rossana.

Good morning to each of you!  I hope you are all feeling well today.  I know that many of you are going through some tough times with this coronavirus that is traveling all over the world.  It is a hard thing for sure.  And many of you have so many restrictions as well that we do not have yet here in Canada.  But perhaps that will come for us as well.  Sometimes we feel safe because we live far away from the worst of things, but that is not always true.  Things like this can hit anywhere on earth as we have seen.  But worry and panic is not the way to handle things.  That only causes more and more problems.  We need to be concerned and use necessary precautions, but don’t please don’t panic.

And now for some nice cheery pics for this Monday…


To start with, some beautiful delphiniums and their little friend, an equally beautiful bee.  All nice and fuzzy, wings neatly folded on her back while she fills up with that delicious nectar.IMG_5007

And here is another beautiful little bee, part yellow and part orange, getting a feast from this bachelor button.  This little bee is even fuzzier than the first one I think.  And also enjoying that warm summer sunshine that is on the way!

There we have our pics for today, I hope you have enjoyed them.  And I hope that you all can enjoy your day in some way, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

46 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #76.

    • Thank you Ribana! I hope all is well out your way. That virus is getting closer to here, in a city just 2 hours away. Hope you have a good day!😃😺🌞☕


  1. Such lovely flowers accompanied by cute fuzzy bees ! Pleasure to see indeed !🌸🌼🐝🐝☕️☕️

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  2. Latest news,. corona has come some few streets out 🙄🤔 this guys had come from Europe and escaped from airport 🤔No idea why these people are so adamant and not responding to doctors 😳 now they are spreading. No need to panic 😉 this deliphinium flowers are a real beauty isn’t it ✨😍👌 so beautiful ✨💐

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    • That’s not good news.😬 I don’t know why people can’t be more responsible. 🙄Then this virus wouldn’t get so bad.🤔 It’s terrible.😳 Store shelves are almost empty around here.😳😲 I have enough food to last for awhile.😁 Muffin is okay for 2 months.😸😻
      Beautiful flowers to bring some sunshine into these cloudy days.🌺🌼🌞 Hope you have had a good day Simon.😀😺

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      • It’s a beautiful day Steve, except the sleeping part 😜 muffin is happy 😸 you should pre-plan before for more foods even though you have enough now😉 Beautiful flowers 💐 Wow, let me explain my sunshine, woke up to a dog bark before my alarm rings, and then the car horns , these can drivers start their work so early in the morning 🤔, walk to kitchen, be a sadist for a whilez kill whatever crossed you, cockroach and flies whatever 😜 it’s a beautiful day to start with 😄 Lol. Have a peaceful evening 💐✨

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      • Great way to start the day,🌞 before the alarm yet,⏰ you’re doing great!😁 I think.🤔 Unless of course you didn’t want to get up that early,🙄 then it wouldn’t be so good,😕 but if you did want to get up earlier than it was good🌞😀 but on the other hand if you really didn’t want to get up so early than it wasn’t a good thing😳🤪 so after all that all I can say is,😜 I agree.😂😂😹😹🙄

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      • 🙄🤔😕 Did you agree? 🤨😏 You are trying to confuse me😳 You’ll say will I do such thing? 🤨 But yes indeed we habe to face such funny things here every morning, every person has a different morning, someone will start with their wife yelling 😂 someone will be just wake up to find only 5 mins left for office 😂😂 Lot of fun … Life is fun.. ,😂😜☺️ Let’s live the fun

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      • Oh my, yelling first thing in the morning!😬 I would be throwing something at them.😂😹 Days can be fun and funny for sure.😄😸 I get up to the bathroom and trip over a box.😲 Who put that box there?🤔 Oh, I did.😁🙄 It was a nice box that I wanted to keep,😜 now it’s crushed so I throw it out.😳 People always leaving things laying around for me to step on and trip over.😠 But I’m the only one here that leaves stuff laying around.🙄 Sigh.😕 So I have to slap myself!😳😳

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      • I would do the Same, by men are afraid of the law for women support 😜 It’s funny how things turn to be bad for us and funny when we are alone 😂😂 and I got some time to sleep 😄 guess what today gym is leave due to corona alert ☺️

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      • Oops. I didn’t mean throw something at my wife,😬 I meant me throwing something at my neighbors if they woke me up yelling.😂😹🙄 Actually, I doubt that I would,😄 but I would certainly feel like doing it.🤔🙄 Have a good day Simon!😁😺🌞☕


      • You did not 😳🙄 Oops did I supported a wrong phrase 🤔😜😜😜 ha ha ha u agreed on that part anyway 😄😄 Have a beautiful day Steve ✨💐

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      • 😉That should be work from home then, technically sleep from home 😂😴😴 Have a peaceful night Steve ✨💐 Muffin 😸

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    • I’m glad you enjoy them Correne! I will be posting mostly flowers again for a while, helps to bring some sunshine into these cloudy days. Hope you have a good afternoon.😀😺🌞🌺🌼

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