Daily Pics #86.

Maiden Pinks.

Good morning to all of you on this fine day!  It’s a bit of a chilly morning today, but hopefully this should be the last one.  It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, though not very warm, but still, it was melting a bit anyway.  The snow is disappearing and warmer weather is just a couple days away.  And when that warmth hits, the snow will disappear quickly and the birds will really begin to return from their southern locations.  Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  I spent quite a bit of time out on the deck yesterday watching all the bird activity, which actually wasn’t very much.  Most of the winter birds seem to have spread out already, heading to other areas now that the weather is nicer.  So it’s sort of that in between time now, before the spring birds really start arriving.  But that shouldn’t be long.

And now for the bright beauty of our daily flower pics…


Here we have yet another pink peony, still with some drops of rain after a June shower.IMG_4446

And we keep moving into darker pink all the time with another peony soaking up the sun on an early June day.

I hope you are enjoying our look at peonies these days.  Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Daily Pics #86.

    • We will hit into the 50s by Saturday which is nice for us and will really get rid of the snow fast.
      Thanks so much Ryan! Have a wonderful day! Hope you and your family are doing well! God bless!😃😺🌞☕☕

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      • Our flat is on a Domaine (with six other blocks of flats) of 27 hectacres which we can walk/run around at leisure as it’s private. We go out into the Domaine every day but I only go to the shops once a week, rather than every day as before. We’ve worked from home for years so it’s really same old, same old for us. Plus we have plenty of space (c.2000 sq ft) and our big terrace (800sq ft) for our home trainer, yoga and working out.

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      • Wow, that sounds perfect Sheree! Yes, I can see working at home would be easier for you since you already do that. Lots of room to stretch out and that’s a nice big terrace too! That’s more than twice the size of my apartment which is only 360 sq ft. That’s good that you can still get plenty of fresh air and exercise. I can too once our snow is gone so I can get back down to the river again. Have a wonderful day Sheree!😃😺🌞

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