Daily Pics #90.


Good morning everyone!  Here we have another Monday morning and the last Monday of March.  Is that significant?  Not really, just thought I would mention it.  And the weather continues to be fabulous, it was just so nice yesterday, I had windows open which Muffin thoroughly enjoyed.  I didn’t even notice the open windows, with that sun shining it gets very warm in here.  But it was nice listening to the birds chirping and singing.  It was also easy to hear Sir George giving his little quiet “clucks” that he always does when he is looking for food.  That’s something he started last year and which he obviously remembered.  It was nice spending some time on the deck as well, soaking up some of that nice sunshine, packing away the vitamin D.  Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  Then last night after it had gotten dark I went out to get some pics of the moon which is getting bigger each night.  It was still so nice and mild out there.

And now for today’s flowers…


And we shall start with some more tiny flowers called “bluets”.  These can be found in white, lavender or blue.  And they are small, less than 1/4 inch (about 5mm) across.  But even though small, are still a beautiful wildflower.IMG_5151

And now a flower considerably larger, about 6 inches (15cm) across, this beautiful daylily.  This one is of course, a garden flower.

That’s it for today’s flowers, I hope you all have an beautiful Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


29 Comments on “Daily Pics #90.

  1. Never heard of the flower” bluet” …so pretty ! No sounds of birds yet …patiently waiting to hear them… ☕️☕️🙄☕️☕️😻

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    • Robin was out here singing again today, there are thousands of gulls, geese are back, springtime!😁😸🌞😎 Even if it is going to get colder again.😬😳


  2. These birds got an amazing memory power. Coming back to same place after an year, comeon, I still can’t remember andgo lot of places that ive been before 😜😂. These birds are awesome. I wish what they’ll think about us in their head.🤔

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    • Yes, that is true, birds have fantastic memory.😀 A blue jay can remember where he hid a peanut up to 14 months later.😳😲 It has been tested. A lot of birds are like that. And Sir George certainly remembers me. He probably thinks,🤔 “there’s that strange human person again and he still gives me food, I have him well trained, he even remembers me”.😂😂😹😹

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      • That is amazing to hear🤔 they have amazing memories indeed. 😀 Yea, they will also wonder why these earthlings come at different colours everyday 😀 😀

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      • I think we should know Steve, They might do something beyond what we think. Do you doubt it? I doubt it. The strategy they use, the way they live, understanding nature, foreseeing the climate. We should know them, I think we deserve to know what they think isn’t it. 😉

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      • We can certainly learn a lot from them. They change their behavior with climate changes and learn to adapt to differences that happen. They can forecast the weather, tell when storms are coming. They are amazing critters!😁😸But Muffin says cats are smarter!😺😸😻

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      • Cats are smarter indeed, I need to know how they get to know all this, is it because of one bird that sits and find out the weather and pass on the information to other birds, or everybird is skilled on their own, or everyone brain is wired just the same. Lot of questions 😀 I’m sorry, am I asking too much questions 😁😸

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      • Lots of questions before going to bed, no wonder you have trouble getting to sleep! Birds and other animals do learn from each other. But mainly I think that they are “hard wired” with this information so that they can survive and thrive. I believe that God gave them this ability right from the start. And they learn things throughout their life which they can pass on to their offspring. Like coming to my bird feeder, not a normal thing for a herring gull to do. Sir George learned it first, then taught his mate, now there are 3 others too. So it’s a combination of things. Hope this helps you to sleep now.😂😂😹😹

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