Daily Pics #92.

Bachelor button.

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to all of you!  Muffin is looking at me to remind me that she meows good morning to you all as well!  It was another beautiful and sunny day yesterday, I think our warmest day yet this year.  Today should be more of the same, though clouds will be moving in and rain for tomorrow.  That’s good though, it will help to melt the snow faster along the river path where the sun can’t get at it.  I probably won’t try that path again until next week.  Right now I will stay on the street where it’s nice dry walking.  There was a real noticeable difference in the snow yesterday, it’s disappearing so fast, even back here where the sun doesn’t really touch it until late afternoon.  I had my windows open again yesterday too, so nice to get that fresh air after being closed up all winter.  The robins were singing so nicely all day yesterday, so wonderful to listen to them again.

And now for a look at today’s pics…


And one of my favorites, bluebells, these being a garden variety.  They are a bit larger and darker than the wild variety.IMG_5339

Though you can’t see the size difference, the color difference is noticeable in these bellflowers.  But still beautiful anyway, and these are sturdier than the garden cousins.

There is our pics for today everyone, I hope you have a wonderful day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

212 Comments on “Daily Pics #92.

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers ! Such a variety of blue colours ! ☕️☕️😺🌹☕️☕️💙💙

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  2. That’s good the snow is disappearing fast 😉☺️ Don’t go your secret path, ofcourse it will wet. Let’s stick with dry place 👌 gud decision. Nice flowers, only colour difference. So beautiful ✨ Have a peaceful night Steve 🤗 Muffin 😸

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    • Hi Simon!😀 Hope you slept well and are busy cooking now.👨‍🍳 Yep, I’m on my way to bed soon,😴 really hurt my back today so no walking for me,😕🚶‍♂️ hope it’s okay for tomorrow, except it’s supposed to rain.😛🌧 Oh well.😁😸🌙

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      • Why did you hurt? How did you? There is no snow shoveling out there, 🤔 How did you? Take care Steve, have your medicines first. Yes had a good sleep and spending whole day writing is very interesting and boosting my imagination 😉👌 Take good rest and take care of your back. Have fun watching the rain.

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      • My back “snapped” 3 times in half an hour this morning, made me yell😲 and it was hard to move afterward,😬🤸‍♂️ but it’s almost back to normal now. Not sure what happened. But it might have been because I was bent backward for so long last night taking pics of the moon. Will have to watch that.🤔 Did the same thing tonight.🙄 Sigh. It’s getting cold,😳 I hope it is rain and not snow.😬 Have a good day writing Simon!😁😸✍

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      • What did you do? Bent your back? You should stop thinking you are flexible Steve 😉 We can be flexible, not in th pain areas pls. You still have to watch the moon? How about lie down with lot of pillows behind? You should find a better way to not to hurt yourself. Take care Steve.

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      • Hey Simon! That’s a great idea!😃 I will try that next time, bring a couple pillows on the deck and lie down to get my moon pics,🌙📷 that’s perfect.😀 How come I never thought of that?🤔 Sigh.🙄 Anyway, I will do it next time.😁😸 It will be easier to hold the camera steady too.😜📷 Have a good evening Simon!😁😸🌙 We have 2700 cases of Covid-19 here in Ontario now.😕😿

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      • So you live in Ontario, I thought you were close to Antartica 😜😁😸 Stay Safe Steve, Avoid unnecessary walks and meeting people, avoid it, maintain 8 meters of distance, My country have crossed 2000 cases in total, Luckily my city have only 30 cases so far. Nothing is permanent, Even Corona. Hope it gets eliminated soon. 🙂

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      • I live close to the Arctic,🥶 not Antarctica!😛 Canada has 8900 cases now,😲 2700 in Ontario,😳 but none yet in my town.🙂 I think that will change soon though.😬
        I hope this doesn’t last long. It is stopping me from getting pics. Sigh. Oh well.😛📷
        Enjoy your evening and writing!😀😺🌙✍

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      • That’s a large number Steve, not to take it as a joke. If it’s in our town or not. We just have to be careful enough and avoid meeting people in crowd is the safe and best thing to do save ourself. I think. I hope the same too Steve, Sigh🤓 .

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      • Nope, no joke for sure.😕 And it could be here, just not showing up yet. Yes, I try to stay far away from people,😜 hard to do when shopping though.🤔🙄 People just don’t pay attention to the rules, they just say “it’s not in our town so we don’t need to worry”.🙄😳 But we still need to be careful. People don’t understand that for some reason.😬🙄

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      • Yes Steve, they are acting crazy sometimes, which is really disturbing than corona 🤓☺️😜😂 Can’t stop watching some memes 😂

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