Spring Is Coming…A Poem.

Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming now at last,

Changes happen, oh so fast.

The sun does shine very bright,

Bringing warmth with all it’s might.

All o’er the land south winds blow,

Which help to melt frozen snow.

Robins sing their cheerful song,

Loud and clear, after so long.

Chipmunks coming out of sleep,

From their burrows very deep.

Insects coming out to stay,

Flying all around today.

New life comes for everything,

All declare that it is spring!

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “Spring Is Coming…A Poem.

  1. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
    The bells of joy  start to ring ,
    Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

      The divine is here , there and everywhere,
    For all of us , God would care ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    In the darkness of the night,
    Stars could be shining bright,
    The moonlight shows  up on sight ,
    Being from the divine light ,
    Things are marvelous  and white,
    With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
    Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
    Our powers we gather and
    May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite


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  2. Your poem emulates spring indeed ! …sleep well tonight ! And Muffin too ! ☕️☕️😻😻☕️☕️🍪🍪🐝

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