Nature’s Art #38.

Good morning once again everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your day.  I know that for many it’s not very easy to enjoy every day.  But that’s what Steve’s Country is all about, to try and bring a little sunshine into your day, a little relaxation for a few minutes and a bit of fun too!  It’s a cloudy day with just a bit of light drizzle right now, it’s definitely a bit cooler than the last few days.  But it’s still a beautiful spring day.  Speaking of spring, I heard a noise on the deck around 5 am this morning.  Well, time to get up anyway, so I went to take a look.  Muffin was ahead of me as usual and had her scared look as I came into the living room.  That can only mean a couple of things, a wolf, or a bear.  It was a bear, but already leaving by the time I turned the light on and got to the window.  It wasn’t that great big fella that came around last year, it was a smaller bear.  I didn’t really get a good look at him as he was already moving into the shadows, but I would say around 300 to 350 lbs (136 to 158 kg).  So, the bears are now out, so I will need to be careful.

And now for the art in nature pics for our enjoyment…


I found some left over polypores from last year, but I’m not sure which variety.IMG_2903

And here we have the diligent work of a pileated woodpecker to extract the harmful insects from this tree to hopefully extend the life of the tree a while longer.  This hole is about 4 by 5 inches (10 by 12.5cm) and about 6 inches (15cm) deep.  When I looked at it, I could see it might be too late to save the tree from the destruction caused by the insects.

Everything adds to the art found in nature, even these holes made by our largest woodpecker.  I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

39 Comments on “Nature’s Art #38.

  1. BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    Yesterday, when I was bored, I watched videos of bears attacking humans! Don’t you ever try to get close to a bear!

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  2. A BEAR! A BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw a bear one time and i don’t want to remember that again!!! COOL pics though steve!

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      • No problem!!! YEAH! Bears are fascinating but………….a little dangerous……………


  3. Dear Steve, your first photo of the lake in Cottage country fools no Canadian. There is snow on the ground, and it is below freezing. Your photo depicts a lovely lake in the middle of summer I assume, which suggests that Canada is warmer than it actually is, giving everyone who lives outside of Canada the belief that we live in paradise up north. To prevent future disappointments for the fellow non-Canadian readers, I would suggest adding some kind of disclaimer indicating that Canada is freezing most of the year, and to expect some nicer weather by the summer. Sincerely, a Canadian 🍁

    P.S. Yes, this is meant as a joke, I am not really that stern and unapologetic! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Hilary! That would make a great post! But considering I talk about cold weather 8 months of the year on my blog,😜 I have to let people know we do get summer too, even if it only lasts a couple months!😂😹
      The joys of living in Canada, and we have a snowstorm coming at us tonight that could give 15 cm of snow,😳 or more, but so far it’s been rain. That’s good, more rain, less snow.😁 I’m not really looking forward to a lot more snow right now, not that I have any big outdoor plans at the moment anyway.😂😹
      I’m sure all your snow must be gone by now, most of ours is gone, except back in the trees where I want to go walking.😀🌲🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Could be a while before I can walk to the river again. I just hope they don’t close the walking trails too.😬 All the parks are closed, so it doesn’t leave me much choice for photography right now.😕📷
      Oh well, the sun will shine again.😀🌞 How are you coping with all this so far?🤔


  4. Please be careful Steve ! Our blizzard finally stopped late this afternoon…yesterday my husband raked the grass…no snow…well, we were blessed with LOTS of snow today…looks like winter again ! ❄️❄️❄️☕️☕️☕️🙄😿😲

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    • I hope it snowed itself out so we don’t get any. Rained most of the day here,😀 still raining a bit. But it is supposed to snow later tonight.😕


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