Daily Pics #95.

A nice summer morning from last year.

Good morning everyone on this first Saturday of April!  Well, we got quite a surprise yesterday with a lot of ice, from freezing rain and a little snow.  We do get freezing rain a lot up here but not usually so much as we did.  There was a very heavy layer of ice on everything yesterday morning, which is still there this morning.  The poor birds that had come back from the south!  They wouldn’t be able to find any food normally, but a lot of them found their way to my feeders so I put extra food out for them.  The bird feeders were a bit covered with ice as well but the birds could still hang on and get their food.  It didn’t seem to bother my gulls too much, but they are tough birds and very much used to standing around on the lake ice.  It’s amazing those feet of theirs don’t freeze, but it doesn’t bother them.  Muffin wasn’t too impressed.  She wanted the door open.  I said no.  She didn’t want to give up.  I said no.  After I bandaged my foot, we played.

And now for some bright colors for a cold, winter looking, morning…


Here we have a nice bright and beautiful “pearl crescent” butterfly to start things off.IMG_5504

And here we have a wild mix of colors, with the blue delphinium, the red hollyhock and of course our friendly “silver-bordered fritillary” butterfly.  This is probably our most common butterfly around in the summer months.  I look forward to when they will be back again.

And that’s it for today’s picks of pics.  I hope all of you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “Daily Pics #95.

    • In a normal year we would see them in mid April, but we haven’t had a normal spring for several years now, it is always late. So early to mid May for the earliest butterflies which is usually one called “Viceroy”.


      • They are buried at least 6 feet to 8 feet deep. But here there is so much rock it does make it hard to do so some pipes are not so deep and they will end up freezing. Every winter there are pipes freezing around town. But they shoot hot steam into the pipes to thaw them unless they break, then they have to dig them up and replace them. Some areas like where I live we have to leave the water running just a little all winter to keep the pipes from freezing. Pipes that are under streets have a layer of foam insulation on top to protect them.


      • A Lebanese expatriate says that cars are plugged in to the electric power to keep water in the reservoirs from freezing or some anti-freezing liquids are added …

        However , an advantage of living in Canada is having a good welfare system overall…( I know that every country has pros and cons though…)

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      • Yep, cars have to be plugged in or they won’t start on a cold day. There’s a heater in the engine area that keeps everything warm. And an anti freeze liquid is used as well.
        Yes, always pros and cons no matter what. Best to be satisfied and enjoy what we have.


  1. Lovely pics ! Very clear…you did a great job in photographing them !…tell Muffin it won’t be long and she will be enjoying the open door again! ☕️☕️😿☕️☕️😼☕️☕️🦋🦋

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Sharon!
      Muffin has the door open now, with the sun shining it is nice and warm there. So she can have it for a while.
      Enjoy the afternoon!😃😺🌞😸


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