Insulator Hike, Part 2.

Hello everyone!  I hope your day is going well.  I am finally back with part 2 of our little insulator adventure.  The pics shared will let you know what insulators look like, the kind that we were collecting.  I hope you will enjoy it, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get going!

I held the branch for dad so he could stand up again, the mud was too soft to push himself up.  Finally he was standing.  I think you’re sinking deeper, I said.  Dad was almost up to his knees in mud by this time.  I can’t move, said dad, my feet are stuck.  Try leaning forward and hang tight to the branch while I pull.  Dad thought for a minute then decided to give it a try.  I pulled as hard as I could while dad tried lifting a leg.  It worked!  Unfortunately I slipped and fell and dad fell face first with arms waving wildly.  But fortunately the spot of water and mud wasn’t big so dad landed partially on dry mud. IMG_1742

But from the waist down he was in that muddy water.  However, he was able to pull himself out.  See, it worked, I said.  Bonehead, said dad.  Why would he enjoy that? For my new readers, when dad said “bonehead” I figured he must be enjoying himself.  Why else would he say it so much?  Since you took the wasps with you I got the insulators off that cross arm, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  Look at the bright side, I said, all that mud and water probably washed off the poison ivy.  Dad did agree with that.  Time for lunch, he said, let’s go over to that hill so I can dry off in the sun.  Okay with me.IMG_1739 

It was a nice spot, but high and no easy way to climb up.  Dad thought we should sit at the bottom, but I reminded him there might be some nice insulators on that hill.  He thought about it, no way to climb up there easily, he said.  Minor detail, I said, besides, it will be a better place to dry off up there.  Okay, he said, you go first.  Naturally.  I started the climb which was almost completely vertical.  But there was a lot of rocks sticking out so the climb really wasn’t too bad.  Until my foot slipped.  But it landed quickly on another rock so I didn’t fall.IMG_1812

Dad yelled right then so loud I nearly lost my balance.  What’s wrong, I called back.  Your standing on my hand!  Oh, so I was.  I began climbing again but had to stop to check one area that looked a little tricky.  Dad caught up to me just as I began climbing again.  I grabbed a little shrub but it came out by the roots and I dropped it right away.  Poor dad.  He was looking up at the time and it landed right on his face, dirt and all.  He was coughing and wiping his face.  Bonehead, he said again.  Not sure how that could be enjoyable.  But we finally made it without further problems.  Although dad seemed a bit tired after the climb.  Your face is dirty, I commented.  Dad just looked and shook his head.

Hey, there’s even two nice rocks to sit on while we have our lunch, I said.  They’re kind of close together, said dad, but guess there is no choice.  Not sure what he meant by that. 

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

16 Comments on “Insulator Hike, Part 2.

  1. What a journey with your dad! Those insulators you have are very precious because of what it took to get them. Your dad was very devoted to spending time with you and going through all the trials of wasps, mud, accidents etc. Those times with your dad and the resulting insulators were priceless. Steve, your story did bring smiles. Have a great weekend!

    Where I live, we are getting about 8 inches of snow to add to the several feet of snow still on the ground. May get in some snow shoeing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, that’s a lot of snow still. Ours was nearly gone before we got this ice and snow. It is doing a bit of melting today, in the sun at least, but the trees are still covered with ice.
      Definitely great memories and when I look at specific insulators I can remember the hike we went on that day when we found that one.
      Thanks so much for reading, have a wonderful afternoon!😃😺🌞

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      • Thank you! I will enjoy the rest of the day. Glad you remember the stories of finding the insulators when you look at them. They do have a unique beauty.

        I am hoping the snow will melt by the end of April but there are no guarantees. It has snowed at the end of May. Oh well, each day is a gift

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      • Here the snow would always be gone by April 7-10, but it kept getting later until it was the end of April. This year is earlier again, sort of, but the forecast is for cooler than normal temps right through the month.
        Yep, each day is a gift.
        And all the adventures I write about were ones I kept a journal about because they were so funny. The normal trips I never kept notes about.

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      • Steve, you could combine your adventures with your dad and make them into chapters. The book itself would not have to be really long. You write well and bring the scenes to life. Maybe, this has been suggested to you several times because you would enjoy it. I follow several blogs that have written blog installments and later published them.


  2. Are those double tracks still used?…loved all the pics…it is hard to believe all that happened, but I know it is true ! This is an exciting trek for you guys …glad you shared it today ! 🤭☕️☕️😯😀☕️☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s amazing the things that happened to us sometimes😂😹🙄 and yet some trips were completely uneventful.🤔
      Yes, those are the tracks coming through town here.
      Have a nice afternoon!😁😸🌞☕☕


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