Daily Pics #109.


Good morning on this cloudy Saturday!  It’s also the warmest morning we have had in quite a while and it feels very nice.  And today we are supposed to get some showers later which is also nice as it will help to melt the remaining snow that still shows up in patchy spots.  Yesterday was very nice and sunny, but once again very windy, but the wind was from a different direction this time, still made things feel a bit chilly though.  But I decided it was time to check out my path down to the river again.  I was quite surprised to see that there wasn’t much snow and ice left along the way.  I didn’t go all the way to the river, but did go more than half the distance.  I still have to be a little careful with my walking, even though it’s been 6 and a half months now.  But that muscle will never be the same so I will have to be much more careful from now on.  But the other 2 muscles are being strengthened to take over the work of the damaged muscle so that should make things more or less normal anyway.  More about my walk later.

And now for some more beautiful white bird pics to enjoy…


A herring gull last summer down by the river.  It was always sitting on this rock and I took it’s picture several times, hopefully I haven’t shown this one before.IMG_5253

I did show a similar pic of these white pelicans last year, but that time there was more of them in the picture.  They always love to sit on these rocks and preen their feathers with those huge beaks of theirs.  Sometimes I have counted at least 80 birds on these rocks.  They are big birds with a wingspan of up to 11 feet (about 3 meters and 30cm I think).

I hope you all have an enjoyable Saturday, please stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Daily Pics #109.

  1. The gulls look NICE! YEAH Do be careful! Ice is super slippery! I tried skating once on it and i got hurt badly!!!

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    • Nice to know there are others that like gulls! People around here generally hate them. I think they are fun to have around, plus they eat up a lot of my garbage too. And I hope one day that they will eat from my hand!
      Thanks for stopping by!😃😺🌞☕☕


      • Hi Steve ! Our gull buddies have become progressively tamer, and come onto our deck for treats. I have studied their unique gull language, and when I open the sliding door and say ‘gek, gek, gek’, they will usually respond by saying ‘gek, gek, gek, since they know a treat is coming.
        We give them little bits of cod, but their favourite seems to be donuts. 🤗

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      • I can understand why they would like donuts! Here they love french fries over anything else,🍟🍟🍟🍟 but they don’t get many now that I have cut back on my fries.😕😳 I’m sure they are disappointed with that!😂😹


      • I have been reading more about herring gulls. It seems that they are quite intelligent, and remember faces.. I’m sure they enjoy french fries too.
        They are funny and entertaining. 🤗

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      • They do have good memories, mine come back here right away and remember me without hesitation but if someone else is on the deck they won’t come down.😳
        They are amazing birds, quite talkative and they can really eat!😂😹

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  2. The herring gulls and pelicans are actually regal looking…I wonder who their enemies are ?…keep taking photos when it is safe to do so !.🙂☕️☕️😻

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    • Thanks so much Sharon! Eagles will go after gulls, but adult pelicans really don’t have enemies, their young however can become meals for eagles too.
      Snowing this afternoon! One of these days!😃😺🌞📷


  3. Beautiful Pelicans, and this kind of injuries in leg is really bothering, its more than 8 months for me I think, I still have pain walking, I hate that when it pains all of a sudden for no reason. Be careful Steve, let’s not take any risk and injure any muscle further, Let’s be careful and hope your leg is feeling better now 😉 Good Morning✨💐 Have a wonderful day Steve ✨💐

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    • Good morning and good evening Simon! Just got back from my weekly shopping.😜🌞 It was nice this morning, I think there was only 6 other shoppers today which was great.😀 Not suppose to touch our face when out like that, naturally my nose started to itch!😳😳 But I didn’t touch it!🤪 I don’t think my leg will ever feel normal again. But I think those other muscles are getting stronger and doing more of the work now, because there is less problems.🙂 So that is a good plus!😁 That is a long time for your injury to still be causing pain.😬 I know what you mean about pain showing up for no reason.😳
      Have a wonderful day/evening Simon!!😁😸🌞🌙

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      • Good Morning Steve, I am sure its past morning now, prepared you lunch ?😉Only 6 shoppers, you are lucky 😊 Ha ha ha😜 Nose will start to itch when we don’t want to do it, naturally 😉😜😁 Keep working out and make the other muscles stronger, have good food to strengthen your bones , It is pretty tough with your diet. Yes, this unknown pain🙄 no idea why it came, after one day a part of feet was completely numb for a whole day 🙄 I kept doing all the stretches, now it’s good except the pain. Thank you Steve🤗😁😊 Have a wonderful day you too💐✨

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      • Hmm, going numb, that’s a nerve problem, possibly a muscle or tendon putting pressure on a nerve.😬 Yes, those stretches are important.🙂
        Yep, have to keep up with the workout alright, very important and I’m doing good with that, makes a big difference.😀🤸‍♂️
        Time for my walk now.😄🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Yes, finished lunch.🍿 You’re probably heading to bed, good night if you are!😁😸🌙😴

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  4. Good night Steve, ☺️ I’m forcing myself to sleep. 😁 Yes maybe you are right, some muscle is putting pressure on a nerve, my over imagination has to be stopped for a while. I thought a lot 😜😂. Take care Steve and Muffin ✨🤗🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Usually it’s just a muscle putting pressure on it, I get that a lot in my back.😳😳
      Yes, stop thinking too much! And get some sleep.😴
      Good night Simon!😁😸

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