All So Joyful…A Poem.

Hi everyone!  While I was out for my walk yesterday, each of the things in my poem were found.  That made me start thinking of putting that together in a poem for your enjoyment.


Joy from little birds that sing,

Telling all that it is spring.

Flying here and singing there,

All so joyful, everywhere.

Blades of grass are sprouting green,

Little plants just barely seen.

Insects flying through the air,

Bringing beauty with no care.

Butterflies with colors bright,

Flutter here within my sight.

Eagles soaring way up high,

Beauty there against the sky.

Through the pines the wind does blow,

Calming music, this I know.

Little things are here and there,

All so joyful, everywhere.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

86 Comments on “All So Joyful…A Poem.

  1. Beautiful, Steve ! I was out walking today and noticed a little bird sitting on a rooftop singing a joyful and complex song with great intensity.
    I take photos on my iPad, and your beautiful blog has convinced me to buy a better camera. I am researching some now.🤗

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    • I don’t use an expensive camera, it’s a Canon Powershot. It’s small and easy to use. But it has a fixed lens, not like the DSLR group where you can change lenses. I hope you enjoy an increase in your photography hobby!😃😺📷

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  2. Steve, that is a great poem ! I don’t get out much right now, but am looking forward to a walk like the one you went on ! ☕️☕️🙂⭐️⭐️☕️☕️

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  3. The divine is in everyone and everything, 🌏🌎🌍🌐🗺🌝🌞
    After the winter, comes the spring
    Please everybody , repeat and sing ,
    The bells of joy start to ring,
    After the darkness of the night,
    The glowing sun would shine bright ,
    You do not have to hold on things all so tight ,
    With the divine grace and love ,
    All blessings flow to our sight ,
    The divine would save us,
    All ends well and what is right ,
    Shall always fall into place ; despite ,
    What we may or may not fear or fright ,
    Divine grace is never ever finite ( unlimited )
    To transform With all love and presence,
    embrace and find a way with Godly spirit to really ignite …
    God is here and there ,
    existing everywhere
    Dare to believe that love is fair …

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  4. I love this…..Thankfully I dont have to go far to get this scene…all except the eagles, are in my backyard….just swap eagles for bunnies.

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  5. Beautiful poem Steve! ❤
    I really love spring. Season where earth is blossoming and all the creatures look so chirpy and happy. Your poem truly captures to joys of this season🌱🌸🐝

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  6. A Joyful poem indeed! all so joyful here and there and being grateful with what we have now ✨Have a wonderful day Steve and Muffin ✨💐

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    • Thank you so much Simon! Yes, we need to focus more on the joyful things around us, and there is a lot when we look!😀🌞🌲🐿🚶‍♂️😺 Have a great evening Simon!😁😸🌙 Moving any more furniture?😂😹🤔

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      • Today I was sleeping most of the day, I was feeling suddenly exhausted, sinus is coming out again, summer = sweat = sinus! 🙄😁 I expected it 😁 Having fun with my head ache, doing nothing 😂😜😂 so no furniture movement, but we tried lot of core workouts and testing our limits with workouts 😜

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      • Sinus problems are no fun.😕 It’s good to take it easy at times, our bodies need that extra time to rebuild.🙂 Headache too?😬 Probably from the sinus problem.🤔 Or not.🙄
        Have a good night Simon!😃😺🌙😴

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      • Headache? It’s from sinus indeed and I’ll be sleeping more whenever it comes during only day time 😂😜 Simon is enough to cause head ache for Simon. Now you know why I like summer 🙄😜😂

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      • Yeah, some things are worse at different times of the year. For me, my RLS is bad during the summer,😳😳 but it has already started which is early.🤪😬 That could mean a bad summer.😜😳 Oh well. The sun is still shining🌞 and there is much to be thankful for!😃😺🌞🌲🐿🚶‍♂️🌷🦉


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