Coffee and a stroll with Steve and friends

Hello everyone and welcome to our regular Coffee With Steve post only with a difference! Today it’s Coffee with Sheree and I know you are going to love a nice warm place for our coffee time this week, plus all of Sheree’s wonderful baking! Please follow the link to read the whole post, you will love it! Thanks so much!

View from the Back

I’ll be honest, I know Steve lives in a beautiful spot and is surrounded by magnificent flora and friendly fauna, but it’s cold. Consequently I’ve agreed to host a stroll with refreshments this Monday morning so that Steve (and his many visitors), plus Muffin, can enjoy some warm French Riviera sunshine.

We’ll be wandering around our 27-hectacre Domaine, which includes three interconnecting lakes, an arboretum, plenty of flower beds, boules pitches, tennis courts and our yet-to-be-opened 50 metre outdoor pool.

The Domaine is fairly undulating but there are plenty of benches on which to rest weary feet and enjoy the view of the sea, a mere 10 minute walk away. Sadly, we cannot walk along the seashore as lockdown conditions in France are much stricter than say US or UK. Of course, we’ll be practising social distancing and I have plenty of masks, gloves, hand santiser and infection control wipes…

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19 Comments on “Coffee and a stroll with Steve and friends

  1. What a wonderful “walk” with everyone today ! Sheree did a great job arranging the places to visit !

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